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#1 Bowles Mattress, 'Review' (Must Read)

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Compare To: Saatva Classic

Saatva is our #1 best mattress for 2022! 50k+ 5-star reviews.

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Editor's Note

Bowles Mattress is a mattress brand & manufacturer.

There are 2 reasons why we do not recommend them.

  • Their purchase process is arguably more difficult (vs. top online brands - like Saatva.com or Puffy)
  • They have a less favorable (a) trial, return, exchange & warranty policies.

There are 3 better alternatives in our strong (+ well-researched) opinion.

  1. Saatva Classic: Check them out if you like a luxury innerspring hybrid feel.
  2. Loom & Leaf: If you enjoy durable memory foam that's built to last, see Loom & Leaf.
  3. Zenhaven: If you want to explore an incredible latex option (that's flippable), Zenhaven is unquestionably our top pick.

We consider these 3 mattresses better alternatives to Bowles Mattress because they have:

  • A seamless purchase experience.
  • Incredible comfort & material quality + a strong price-to-performance proposition.
  • Fantastic policies & customer service.


Bowles Mattress builds & sells mattresses.

They also offer several mattress types, including:

  • Innerspring
  • Hybrid
  • Two-sided (flippable)
  • Youth
  • Custom (Campers, trucks, waterbeds, horse trailers, round beds, antique beds & more)

However, there’s 1 major problem with brands & manufacturers like Bowles Mattress (we don’t want to single them out).

Their policies are not as forgiving as other top online mattress brands (think Saatva or Puffy).

This is a bigger headache if (and likely when) you want to return, exchange or experience a warranty event. Their overhead costs is higher than online stores which likely negatively impacts their decision to have friendly, forgiving policies (more friendly = more costly).

Our Bowles Mattress review is not meant to make specific claims about how we 'think' you’ll feel on the mattress. Our only goal is to make sure you have all the available information you need to make an informed decision.

‘Mattress comfort’ is personal preference that wildly changes between 2 people (you’d be surprised by how much it does differ). The only true method to test the comfort & feel of a mattress is - you guessed it - in your bedroom. By extension, you want to select a brand that has friendly policies (i.e. trial period, return, exchange & warranty policy, etc) to best accommodate your ‘test’ period.

Based on the above facts, we don't comfortably recommend a Bowles Mattress mattress.

Before you make a final buying decision, take a look at Saatva Classic's model. They're our #1 Best Mattress (out of the 397 brands we analyzed).

We believe Saatva is likely the closest premium ultra-luxury alternative (specifically their quality of materials, warranty & customer service, and price-to-performance) that you'll find both online or in stores.

Consider bowles mattress if

  • You live in Indiana, Kentucky, and Southern Ohio. All Bowles mattresses are produced in their factory in Jeffersonville, Indiana (where the company was started). They distribute mattresses within a 200-mile radius of that factory.
  • You love options. Bowles produces over 30 mattress models - ranging from luxury to economy. This makes it incredibly easy for you to find a bed that perfectly suits you.
  • You need a custom mattress. Bowles offers customization on the shapes and sizes of its mattress to fit odd or unique spaces, like campers, trucks, waterbeds, horse trailers, round beds, and antique beds.
  • You want a mattress from a trusted brand. The Bowles family has been in business for over 40 years, starting the company in 1975. Each mattress is built by a craftsman with more than 21 years experience.

Skip bowles mattress if

  • You live outside of their distribution region. While Bowles does have the option to ship to other states, you'll be responsible for the full shipping cost. Plus delivery time can take well-over 2 weeks+.
  • You want a seamless purchase experience.
  • You don't want to shop in a physical store.
  • You want a latex mattress.
  • You want better price-to-performance & overall value.
  • A longer warranty period (with arguably better coverage).

Comfort, Feel & Firmness For bowles mattress

Comfort, feel & firmness are extremely subjective and virtually impossible to comprehensively cover.

It's important to understand that buying a new mattress is one of the most critical purchases you can make in your life. It's really that impactful.

Sadly, buying a mattress is usually a blind purchase. This is because most consumers don't understand what makes a high-quality mattress. Even worse, it's difficult (and sometimes virtually impossible) to easily compare specs or decipher confusing claims (and conflicting information).

As a result, most mattress salespeople know almost nothing about the quality of the materials used in mattresses. They're taught to present stories and marketing techniques instead of specific, accurate facts that allow consumers to make better comparisons. Bowles Mattress is a brand that appears to be relatively comfortable mattress given what (1) our subjective testing has shown and (2) extensive reviews we've analyzed online.

The only true method to test comfort, feel & firmness is by physically laying on a Bowles Mattress mattress (in the privacy of your own home).

Construction & Materials For bowles mattress

The key to buying a premium quality/value mattress is knowing that each layer of the mattress uses high-quality materials.

These premium materials must be appropriate for both your budget and weight/BMI range.

Even low-quality materials can be very comfortable in a controlled showroom atmosphere (so you can't 'feel' their quality or durability). Don't be fooled by this. Cross off any trips to your local showroom. It'll lead down a long, frustrating road.

However, Bowles Mattress mattresses are seemingly well-built given the (1) specifications we reviewed (both on their site and speaking directly to them) + (2) our lengthy analysis of additional online reviews & feedback.

Support & Motion Isolation For bowles mattress

Support and motion isolation are 2 distinct but closely related characteristics of a mattress.

Support refers to how well a Bowles Mattress mattress can accommodate your sensitive pressure points.

Motion isolation describes how easily you or your partner are disturbed by movement when laying on a Bowles Mattress mattress.

Everyone 'must' care about mattress support. There's no middle-ground.

Motion isolation, on the other hand, is more preferential. Motion transfer depends on how easily you & your partner become disturbed by small or large movements at night. Bowles Mattress mattresses are built well (since they’re also their own manufacturer), so support is adequate.

Some mattress types are better than others for support & isolation.

  • Innerspring: Good support. Poor motion isolation.
  • Memory Foam: Great support. Great motion isolation.
  • Latex: Great support. Good motion isolation.

It may seem like a no-brainer to ‘always’ select memory foam - since it's both great support and have great motion isolation.

But not always. Some people simply dislike the 'feel' memory foam has on their pressure points. Moreover, people might love innerspring ‘bounciness' or latex ‘weightlessness'.

Is bowles mattress An Eco-Friendly & Organic Brand?

Bowles Mattress is not an eco-friendly and organic mattress.

Return & Exchange Policy For bowles mattress

Bowles Mattress has a non-existent return & trial period to test their mattress.

Since Bowles Mattress is both a retailer & manufacturer, their policies are likely not on-par vs. alternative top online brands.

Additionally, each retailer that sells Bowles Mattress has their own unique policies that change between retailers. One retailer may offer a somewhat friendly return policy, while another might have a hefty penalty in the event of a return.

Separately, Bowles Mattress has several reports of relatively poor customer service, which is a testament to their potential lack of focus and transparency with their policies and service (compared to online brands).

This shortcoming is fairly standard with brands that also manufacture their product (but not always). Their overhead costs are usually much higher than strict online brands - which in-turn forces them to cut corners in order to understandably focus on areas they specialize in; manufacturing mattresses.

Warranty Policy For bowles mattress

Bowles Mattress's warranty is difficult to find on their site.

We recommend calling or checking their site directly to confirm specific details.

In general, we recommend brands that have at least a 10-15 year warranty that completely cover any potential defects.

We also recommend a brand that doesn’t hassle you to measure body impressions to determine if you have a warranty issue. Visual evidence should be enough to determine if there’s legitimate sagging or not (at least in most cases).

Pricing For bowles mattress

Similar to Bowles Mattress's warranty, their pricing is likely subject to change (quite frequently).

These frequent price changes are standard in the mattress industry. Particularly with the # of coupons and discounts Bowles Mattress might use during specific times of the year.

Buy Or Skip bowles mattress?

The short answer?

Skip Bowles Mattress mattress.

Best 10 Mattress's editorial team does not recommend Bowles Mattress because we believe there are better alternatives.

Our favorite? Saatva mattress. In fact, they're our #1 mattress of 2022.

They matches or exceed Bowles Mattress mattress in most metrics we thoroughly analyzed. This includes the 2 most important factors: (a) price-to-performance + (b) overall value.

Feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions in your search to find your best mattress!

12% OFF SITEWIDE | Ends 7/1/22

Compare To: Saatva Classic

Saatva is our #1 best mattress for 2022! 50k+ 5-star reviews.

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