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Serta Castleview Mattress Review

Serta Castleview Mattress Review

Maltisa Driker
Contributing Writer
‍Updated on: January 19, 2024
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Maltisa Driker

Contributing Writer

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Key Takeaways

Bottom Line

Featuring Serta's Perfect Sleeper technology, the Castleview is a mattress that efficiently controls temperature, provides lumbar support, relieves pressure, isolates motion, and supports edges. Memory foam layers provide body cradling comfort while 739 Custom Support coils provide individualized support.


  • This mattress features Cool Twist cooling gel memory foam.
  • Contains 739 custom-wrapped coils
  • A superior pressure relief system
  • Supports your back well


  • No guaranteed sleep trial
  • Can't buy online from Serta

Consider Serta Castleview Mattress if...

• It's important for you to sleep cool. This mattress is a great choice if you like to sleep cool. With its cool-touch cover and Cool Twist gel memory foam, the Castleview keeps you cool while you sleep.
• You're a restless sleeper. You will be able to relax into the Serta Castleview's cradling comfort without having to toss and turn all night long. Even if you do move, it will provide excellent edge support thanks to its foam encasement.
• You are a back sleeper. If you sleep on your back, the combination of body contouring memory foam layers and individually wrapped coils will promote correct spinal alignment and provide optimal lumbar support.

Avoid the Serta Castleview Mattress if...

• You want firmness options. If you prefer particularly plush or firm mattresses, you may not like the Serta Castleview (only available in cushion firm). Castleview isn't a good choice if you need more firmness options.
• You value a sleep trial. In the case of the Castleview model, Serta doesn't offer a sleep trial, so you're on your own unless a third-party retailer offers one. Skip the Serta Castleview if you don't want to take this risk.

Firmness, Feel & Comfort for Serta Castleview Mattress

With a cushion firm level of firmness, the Serta Castleview is ideal for all sleep styles, such as back and stomach sleeping. A cushion firm mattress will provide you with the cushioning and support you need to maintain a healthy spine alignment while you sleep. Saatva-classes are the most popular because of this level of comfort.

Construction and Design for Serta Castleview Mattress

• With its CoolFeel cover, the Serta Castleview provides a pleasantly cool sensation
• Serta's Cool Twist gel memory foam dissipates heat and conforms to your unique body shape for cool, contouring pressure relief.
• Castleview's 739 Custom Support coil system reduces motion transfer across the bed for a more sound sleep. Personalized support with individually wrapped coils.
• Total Edge foam encasement reduces roll-off and enhances the surface area.

Support & Motion Isolation for Serta Castleview Mattress

This mattress features 739 individually wrapped coils and premium layers of body-conforming gel memory foam, making it great choice for motion isolation. The individually wrapped coils provide targeted, isolated support and reduces motion transfer across the bed. Plus, the gel memory foam layer absorbs impact from sudden movements, allowing you to sleep soundly. It's an excellent choice for couples!

The Serta Castleview also performs well at edge support. The border of this mattress is encased in high density foam which reinforces its edges. This means that you can use more surface area, and potential roll-off and sagging are greatly reduced.

Returns & Warranty

There isn't much information about Serta's return policy.

Contact them directly for more information.

Reason(s) To Buy Serta Castleview Mattress

There aren't any notable reasons to buy a mattress from Serta.You're likely much better off considerating popular (but established) brands like Saatva or Puffy. Both brands are built in America, have incredibly positve reviews, and are genuinely comfortable (+ built to last).

Reason(s) To Avoid Serta Castleview Mattress

1. You're looking for a simple purchasing experience. Unfortunately, the Serta Castleview has to be bought through a third-party retailer. Third-party retailers can complicate shipping, sleep trials, returns, and even warranties, which might make your purchase more stressful than it should be. If you'd rather purchase your mattress online directly from the original retailer, the Serta Castleview isn't a great choice.

The Verdict

While there are some positive aspects of the Serta Castleview Mattress we ultimately believe there are more worthwhile contenders for your money. Namely, Saatva has a complete line of mattresses that compare very well to the Serta Castleview Mattress.

What's Really the #1 Best Mattress of 2022?

Here are our top 3 best mattresses of 2022 that compare very well to the Serta Castleview Mattress

1. Saatva Classic - this mattress is ideal for all sleep positions and has been rated as our Best Mattress of 2022.
3. Puffy - affordable, cooling mattresses. Extremely comfortable!
5. Winkbeds - best back relief mattresses. Great policies.

Shipping Info For Serta Castleview Mattress

See Our #1 Researched Mattress in 2024

 High-quality, premium materials
 Excellent support/pressure relief
 Luxury hotel-feel at affordable price
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