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Ikea Sultan Fidjetun Review

Ikea Sultan Fidjetun Review

Maltisa Driker
Contributing Writer
‍Updated on: January 19, 2024
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Maltisa Driker

Contributing Writer

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Key Takeaways


Ikea Sultan Fidjetun is a plush soft foam mattress from Ikea with a tight-top design and a 10-year limited warranty.

Comfortable for side sleepers and for those who enjoy memory foam and an 'enveloping' feel with minimal motion transfer.

No-return policy and a below average mattress weight (indicates low-quality materials). You should skip this mattress. There are higher quality alternatives available.

Loom and Leaf is the #1 alternative you can buy. Their 5 lb. memory foam density is extremely high quality and built to last. Euro-pillow top and soft organic cotton cover contours to your sensitive pressure points and provides tremendous overall support. Their customer service is excellent (probably the best of all brands) and their policies are generous.


  • Ideal for side sleeping
  • No motion transfer


  • Below average weight for a mattress (indicates low quality materials)
  • Extremely short (indicates low quality materials)
  • Average edge support

Real Reviews For Ikea Sultan Fidjetun

There are no online reviews, which is typically a red flag.

Comfort, Feel & Firmness For Ikea Sultan Fidjetun

The ikea sultan fidjetun comes in a plush soft firmness (give-or-take a 3-4 on a 1-10 firmness scale).

A soft model like this is built for side sleepers that have sensitive pressure points (neck, shoulder, arms, low back, hips, etc).

Stay away if you sleep on your back and stomach at all. You won't have enough firm support for your spine and cervical alignment, which is critical for a back or stomach position.

The top style does a good job maintaining a flat and relatively even sleep surface even with substantial enveloping.

Side Sleeping On Ikea Sultan Fidjetun

The ikea sultan fidjetun is excellent for side sleepers.

Make sure to choose their most soft option. If you're not sure which model it is, contact them.

Anticipate bearable support for fragile pressure points (specifically your shoulders, hips, neck, low back). The top foam layer relieves tension and pressure throughout the body fine.

NOTE: Be sure that your shoulders, hips, and torso all receive equal support if you sleep on your side. This reduces the possibility of chronic pain from concentrated pressure.

Back & Stomach Sleeping On Ikea Sultan Fidjetun

The ikea sultan fidjetun is poor for stomach and back sleepers.

Ensure to select their luxury firm (6.5/10), firm (7/10) or very firm (8/10) offering. If you're not sure which model it is, chat or call with them.

Count on acceptable support for spinal and cervical alignment (specifically your lumbar area). Relatively firm foams on the top layer keep your back straight poorly.

NOTE: Focus on finding a mattress that won't sink too far into your hips when sleeping on your back & stomach. It'll throw your spine out of alignment.

Construction & Design For Ikea Sultan Fidjetun

The ikea sultan fidjetun has several layers worth exploring:

• Bottom Layer: foam for sturdy support.
• Transition Layer: foam for padded pressure relief.
• Top Layer: foam for additional comfort & overall support along the top layer.
• Top Design: tight-top which does a fine job creating a larger sleep surface (good for couples).
• Cover: cotton which is fairly standard.
• Bed in a Box: bed-in-a-box.
• Weight: 48 lbs (queen size).

Height For Ikea Sultan Fidjetun

The ikea sultan fidjetun height is 5.5".

Edge Support For Ikea Sultan Fidjetun

• Middle-of-the-road edge support because of its memory foam construction.
Loom and Leaf is a remarkably good alternative if you want sublime edge support.

Note: If a mattress uses low-quality materials, it might feel supportive at first, but break down FAST.

Inadequate edge support means less sleep surface (which is not desirable, especially if you sleep with a partner).

Motion Isolation For Ikea Sultan Fidjetun

Bank on impressive motion transference because it has a memory foam construction.

You and your partner won't experience a single bit of motion transference, and plainly won't rouse you (whether you or your partner are heavy sleepers or not).

NOTE: Motion transfer is a measurement of how much shifts from one side of the bed to the other. Consider prioritizing a mattress with effective motion isolation if your partner tosses and turns during the night.

Motion isolation results in better sleep.

Return Policy For Ikea Sultan Fidjetun

Here's what you need to know about the return policy:

• Ikea has no return policy. They force you to sleep on it for 90-days. If you don't like it, you're only allowed to exchange (with additional fees).

Exchange Policy For Ikea Sultan Fidjetun

• IKEA accepts exchanges within 90 days of delivery, only if the mattress is not dirty, marked, or damaged.

Warranty Policy For Ikea Sultan Fidjetun

• has a 10-year limited warranty.

Look for warranties that have at least a 15-year period with no unreasonable limitations or transporation fees.

How Much Does Ikea Sultan Fidjetun Cost

The price of the ikea sultan fidjetun queen size is $unknown.

Check their site for the latest prices and discounts.

Customer Service For Ikea Sultan Fidjetun

• have limited customer service availability (this isn't indicative of a company that's customer service focused).
• have livechat and seem generally responsive.
• their phone number is located on their contact page.
• no email address available on their site.

Where Can I Buy Ikea Sultan Fidjetun

• Currently, Ikea Sultan Fidjetun is available to buy on their site.

Shipping Info For Ikea Sultan Fidjetun

Keep in mind the following info about Ikeas shipping and delivery process:

•they offer following shipping options:
• parcel delivery, starting at $9.99 - Good for smaller orders of decorations and accessories like picture frames, hangers, and textiles.
• doorstep delivery, starting at $39 - Good for smaller furniture orders that can easily be carried inside.
• in-home delivery, starting at $59 - Good for larger pieces of furniture that can't be left curbside, such as beds, wardrobes and appliances.

Support & Motion Isolation For ikea sultan fidjetun

Eco Friendliness For ikea sultan fidjetun

Alternatives To Ikea Sultan Fidjetun

There are 3 fantastic alternatives to the Ikea Sultan Fidjetun worth considering:

1. Saatva Classic (luxury pocketed coil hybrid): Durable innerspring hybrid that's extremely comfortable and built to last. Compares to top hotel mattresses in the world when it comes to comfort and overall feel. Ideal if you like little bounce but want support and fantastic value.

2. Loom and Leaf (high-density memory foam): Incredible mattress because it has zero motion transfer and excellent pressure relief while still half the price of Tempurpedic.

3. Zenhaven (100% organic and natural talalay latex): Best mattress money can buy. You should check out this mattress if you need a bed that has some bounce, but still fully envelops and supports your pressure points.

Final Verdict For Ikea Sultan Fidjetun

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 High-quality, premium materials
 Excellent support/pressure relief
 Luxury hotel-feel at affordable price
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