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#1 Rated: Saatva Classic

Saatva is our #1 best mattress for 2022! 50k+ 5-star reviews.

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Mattresses can have a major impact on our health and overall wellbeing.

The ideal mattress should offer a good balance of comfort, support, and pressure relief. Sturdiness and durability are also essential.

Most people prefer a medium firm mattress.

However, several factors determine which mattress is best for you, including:

• Sleep position
• Body type
• Personal preferences
• Cost
• Health needs
• Convenience
• Durability

The Saatva Classic is America's #1 mattress and works for most people. 50k+ online positive reviews prove this. Extremely comfortable and built to last!

Mattress Types

There are different types of mattresses to consider, each one with its pros and cons. It depends on your preferences.

4 main mattress types to choose from:

1. Memory foam


• Motion Transfer: You won't feel your partner move
• Response Time: Returns in 30-60 seconds
• Pressure Relief: Your body will feel amazing with an enveloping feel
• Overall Support: Not as supportive as innerspring, but still strong. Buy 4.5 lb. (or higher) density foams or you won't get good support
• Longevity: Usually lasts long


• Price: It might be expensive. Less expensive than latex but more expensive than hybrid and innerspring
• Eco-friendliness: Foams are not very natural or eco-friendly
• Temperature: May sleep relatively hot. Breathes poorly. Ultimately, moisture (and other problems) can form from heat pockets
• Edge Support: Only foam encasing along edges. There are no springs like in hybrids and innersprings
• Sex: It's not great for sex. There is no bounce and you'll feel like you're laying in a hole
• Off-gassing: Polyurethane foams emit odors and chemicals

We recommend Loom and Leaf for an exceptional memory foam mattress that comes at an affordable price.

2. Latex


• Eco-friendly
• Hypoallergenic
• Pain-relieving properties
• Breathable and cooling properties
• Durable and long-lasting


• Price: The cost of latex mattresses can be high.
• Synthetic materials may be used: Natural latex is better. Before buying, do your research.

The Zenhaven is the perfect example of an extremely comfortable and durable mattress.

3. Hybrid


• Best of both worlds (the positives of memory foams, and the familiarity of the innerspring mattress)
• They've got a little bounce
• Comfort & support
• They're breathable
• Edge support


• Poor motion isolation: Pocketed coils isolate movement better than innerspring coils
• Price: More expensive but may offer better support and durability

Our top pick for a sturdy and extremely comfortable hybrid innerspring is Saatva Classic.

4. Innerspring


• Familiar mattress design
• Exceptional support from durable springs
• Balanced pressure relief
• Easy movement in bed (if you don't mind some motion transfer)
• Some benefits of a foam or latex mattress without a complete foam or latex mattress (e.g. only the top comfort layer)
• Good airflow (due to the open coil base design) and low moisture buildup from foam heat pockets
• Quality and longevity (achievable only if you have a decent budget)


• Firm and bouncy
• Motion transfer is high
• Short durability: Sags over time
• Noisy

We recommend Saatva Classic as America's best-selling online luxury innerspring mattress.

4 Factors To Decide What Mattress You Should Buy

There are a few key factors to consider when choosing a mattress, including:

• Preferred sleeping position
• Health considerations
• Body type
• Budget

Factor #1: Sleeping Position

Here's what mattress is best for you depending on your preferred sleeping position:

• Back sleepers require a mattress that provides support and some cushioning to prevent pressure from building up on their spines and hips.
• Side sleepers need a mattress with a strong balance of contouring and support for proper spinal alignment.
• Stomach sleepers benefit from mattresses that are firm and supportive but also cushioned for their shoulders and heads.
• Combination sleepers (those who change positions during the night) benefit from a medium-firm mattress.

Factor #2: Body Type

Your body type can affect what mattress works best for you.

Body weight affects cushioning and how far you sink into a mattress.

Here's how firm your mattress should be depending on your weight:

• People who weigh under 230 pounds may find a soft or medium firm more comfortable, but hybrids and latex are also great options.
• People who weigh over 230 pounds prefer mattresses with higher firmness ratings.
• People who weigh less will likely find a medium-firm mattress firmer than those who weigh more.

Depending on the mattress construction and brand, medium-firm mattresses work for most people as they provide a good balance of support and comfort.

Medium-firm foam mattresses may help relieve pain in muscles, joints, and key pressure points.

Factor #3: Budget

Most mattresses fall between $600 and $2000, but they are available in a wide range of price points.

Materials and construction that are of higher quality may cost more upfront but may last longer.

Quality queen mattresses are available for under $1,000, but higher-quality mattresses cost more.

Hybrid mattresses cost more than foam mattresses, but many shoppers find their durability worth it.

Want to spend $300-600 on a mattress? Considering a higher price point might be a good idea if you want a sturdy and built-to-last mattress.

Factor #4: Preferences

Everyone has different priorities when it comes to finding the perfect mattress.

Keep in mind other individual needs you have when choosing a mattress, including:

• You sleep hot: Pick a mattress that can help keep you cool. Latex runs cooler than foam, and hybrids and innersprings sleep cooler.
• You share a bed with a partner: A mattress with strong motion isolation may help reduce sleep disturbances.

What Is The #1 Best Mattress?

When your mattress is more than 8 years old, you need a new one.

We recommend Saatva Classic for a sturdy and high-quality mattress. Provides just the right balance of support, comfort, and pressure relief!

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#1 Rated: Saatva Classic

Saatva is our #1 best mattress for 2022! 50k+ 5-star reviews.

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