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What Is A Pillow Top Mattress

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In a pillow-top mattress, a single layer of fiber or foam is sewn onto the top with a small gap between it and the underlying comfort layer. Pillow-top mattresses come in two types. Euro-top mattresses and pillow-top mattresses. Pillow-top layers can be made from a variety of materials, including:

• Polyester
• Memory foam
• Latex
• Wool

Despite looking like separate mattresses, they are attached securely to work together. Pillow-top mattresses offer the following benefits:

• Relieving pressure and extreme comfortability.
• No need for breaking in.
• Less off-gassing.
• Affordability.
• Less motion transfer.
• The Saatva mattress has a pillow-top made of memory foam, a lumbar pad, adaptive polyfoam, and pocketed micro coils in the transition layer. Additionally, it has a bonnell coil support core. Made from high-quality materials the Saatva Classic is our recommendation as a suitable pillow-top for every sleeping position.

Keep in mind that pillow-top mattresses offer little benefit beyond initial comfort and are permanently attached to your mattress. Before buying a pillow-top mattress, consider these 4 factors:

• They are heavier than standard mattresses.
• Require more rotation.
• Can sag over time.
• They may also trap heat and make the bed feel warmer.

Pillow-top mattresses have a shorter lifespan than other mattresses, but if they're not well maintained, they can last even longer.

Pros Of A Pillow Top Mattress

A pillow-top mattress isn't just comfortable, soft, and conforming on top, but also cushioned and supportive below. It will also provide you with other benefits, like:

• No breaking in
• Less off-gassing
• Affordable
• Less motion transfer
• Pressure relief

Our favorite pillow-top mattress is the Saatva Classic. Made from high-quality materials and built to last, the Saatva Classic is suitable for every sleeping position.

Cons Of A Pillow Top Mattress

It is important to take into account some of the negative aspects of owning a pillow-top mattress, such as:

• Being heavier
• Requires rotation
• Sagging
• Not the best for heavy people
• Traps heat

Pillow Top Vs. Hybrid Mattress

The 9 main differences between a pillow-top and a hybrid mattress are:

• Pillow-top is a mattress style.
• Hybrid mattresses have a hybrid construction.
• A hybrid mattress can be a good choice for sleepers who prefer the feel of a spring mattress but minimize the drawbacks of one.
• A pillow-top layer enhances the plushness of a mattress by diminishing the bounce and firmness of the innerspring support layer underneath.
• Pillow-tops don't necessarily 'compete' or directly compare to a hybrid. Like comparing a car to a bike. Completely different.
• A hybrid mattress blends foam and pocket springs in one mattress, and offers added support from the pocket coils and a comfortable, pressure point-relieving surface.
• A pillow-top is a layer of soft material stitched into the cover of a mattress. They are popular with memory foam mattresses, but you can also find them with innerspring, latex, cotton, cashmere, wool, or goose down/feathers constructions.
• Pillow-tops can often be found on hybrid mattresses. Take the Saatva Classic for example. They are pillow-top designed with a coil-on-coil construction. Technically an "innerspring hybrid with a pillow-top".

Pillow Top Vs. Innerspring Mattress

The 3 main differences between pillow-top and innerspring mattresses are:

• Pillow-top and innerspring mattresses are both types of spring mattresses, but pillow-top mattresses have extra padding.
• Innerspring beds are more affordable than pillow-top beds.
• A pillow top mattress is better for side sleepers, while an innerspring mattress is better for stomach sleepers and plus-sized sleepers who need a firm mattress.

Note: There are a few drawbacks to purchasing an innerspring mattress, including its short lifespan and proneness to sagging. They may also be harder to move or flip.

Do You Need A Boxspring With A Pillow Top Mattress?

Boxsprings serve two basic functions. Additionally, they increase the height of your mattress. Additionally, consider the following 3 facts about box springs and pillow-top mattresses:

• Pillow-top mattresses do not require box springs. Box spring is just one mattress support type out of several.
• Our recommendation is to purchase an adjustable bed with your pillow-top.
• The combination of a pillow-top and an adjustable bed is incredible for blood flow and overall support.

How Long Do Pillow Top Mattresses Last?

Pillow-top mattresses have a significantly shorter lifespan than every other type of mattress, lasting an average of 3 to 5 years. However, a warranty that covers sagging may prevent you from buying a low-quality pillow top lasting even shorter.

A pillow-top mattress can have an even shorter life span if you don't properly maintain it. Switch up the pressure points, keep it squeaky clean, and protect its cushy top.

Is A Pillow Top Mattress Firm Or Soft?

Whether a pillow top mattress is firm or soft depends on these 5 factors:

• A pillow-top mattress adds comfort and softness, but can also be firm or soft depending on your needs.
• Wool pillow-tops are softer than memory foam and latex foam, but lack support.
• Pillow-tops made from fiberfill are a good option for anyone seeking a soft, supportive, and affordable mattress.
• Any company that sells pillow-tops will likely offer 2-3 comfort levels.
• With three comfort levels, the Saatva Classic is our top pick for a pillow-top mattress. You will find healthy spinal alignment and back support in any sleeping position, regardless of whether you choose plush soft, luxury firm, or firm.

Who Should Buy A Pillow Top Mattress?

They maximize pressure relief by carrying the heaviest parts of your body and isolating motion, making them ideal for:

• Side sleepers
• Anyone with back pain
• Anyone with shoulder pain
• Anyone with hip pain
• Light sleepers with a frequent-moving sleep partner

Note: Pillow-top mattresses tend to relieve pain, especially when they are new. As the mattress ages, the pain relief benefits disappear.

Who Should Avoid A Pillow Top Mattress?

8 reasons you should consider avoiding a pillow-top mattress include:

• If you don't want a heavy mattress. Pillow-top mattresses are heavier than standard mattresses, require more rotation, and can sag over time.
• If you don't want an extra layer of foam attached to your mattress.
• Want a firm comfort level. A pillow-top often means your mattress is softer on top.
• Heavy people should consider other options.
• Sheets may not fit well on a pillow-top mattress.
• Pillow-top mattresses may not fit all bed frames.
• They are less durable than regular mattresses.
• They may trap heat and make the bed feel warmer.

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#1 Rated: Saatva Classic

Saatva is our #1 best mattress for 2022! 50k+ 5-star reviews.

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