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Types Of Bed Bugs

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Bed bugs are oval-shaped insects that feed on warm-blooded mammals, such as humans.

They are easy to transfer to other items and their bites are similar to those of other insects.

However they're a huge problem if they've infested your bedroom. The solution is almost always to (a) immediately replace your mattress and (b) fumigate your bedroom.

Bed bugs come in the following 9 types:

• Common or household bed bug (Cimex lectularius)
• Tropical bedbug (Cimex Hemipterus)
• Eastern Bat Bug (Cimex Adjunctus, Leptocimex Boueti)
• Swallow Bugs (Oeciacus Vicarius and Hirundinis)
• Colorado bed bug (Hesperocimex Coloradensis)
• Mexican chicken bugs or Poultry bugs (Haematosiphon Inodora)
• Chimney Swift Bugs (Cimexopsis Nyctalis)
• Ornithocoris Pallidus and Ornithocoris Toledoi
• Primicimex Cavernis and Bucimex Chilensis

It is almost impossible to get rid of bed bugs completely without removing your mattress first.

After removing and replacing your mattress (with a mattress from a top brand like Saatva), you can try to eliminate your bed bug infestation permanently.

The Saatva Classic is an incredibly comfortable mattress with amazing airflow that keeps bed bugs away!

What To Do If I Find A Bed Bug In My Mattress?

Bed bugs can cause everything from itchy bites to psychological distress, and they are notoriously hard to find and get rid of.

The bite reaction can vary from no physical sign of the bite to a small bite mark to an allergic reaction.

Common Or Household Bed Bug (Cimex Lectularius)

The size of bed bugs is similar to that of an apple seed. There are broad, flat edges, oval at one end and pointed at the other. Their color is dark brown and they have hairy surfaces.

Their behavior is similar to that of mosquitoes, as they feed through cracks in homes and crevices.

Tropical Bedbug (Cimex Hemipterus)

There is not much difference between the tropical bed bug and the common bed bug. They are endemic to warmer climates, particularly in Africa, Asia, and South America.

Eastern Bat Bug (Cimex Adjunctus, Leptocimex Boueti)

Bed bugs are considered the original bedbugs, but they feed on bat blood rather than human blood. They are flat, oval, and have the same brown and black color as the common bed bug.

Insectivorous bats are their only known prey. They live in caves and latch onto the bats' wings to move.

Swallow Bugs (Oeciacus Vicarius And Hirundinis)

Although they are not related to bed bugs, they are in the same family. They do not feed on human blood, unlike bed bugs.

Their size, shape, and appearance are similar to bed bugs, but they have longer hairs poking out of their shells.

Colorado Bed Bug (Hesperocimex Coloradensis)

Bed bugs are primarily found on the West Coast and the Midwest. These are outdoor bed bugs that feed on birds, bats, and wild animals. They now feed primarily on pygmy owls, according to a recent report.

Colorado bed bugs follow their live hosts everywhere. Therefore, they can also be found inside cacti where bats and birds roost. Color, shape, and size are very similar to those of common bed bugs.

Mexican Chicken Bugs Or Poultry Bugs (Haematosiphon Inodora)

Mexican chicken bugs resemble bed bugs in size, color, and shape. The main difference is that they feed on chicken. The treatment for them is the same as that for common bed bugs.

Chimney Swift Bugs (Cimexopsis Nyctalis)

Compared to other types of bed bugs listed here, the chimney swift bug differs most in shape, size, and color.

Here are the 3 main differences between them and bed bugs:

• They have longer legs than bed bugs.
• They are active 24 hours a day (even in the daytime).
• They live on walls, not on mattresses.

Ornithocoris Pallidus And Ornithocoris Toledoi

Another bed bug that feeds on birds, including martins. They also feed on chickens, like Mexican chicken bugs.

The species lives in warmer climates from South America to the Gulf coast. In comparison to common bed bugs, this one is lighter brown.

Primicimex Cavernis And Bucimex Chilensis

Bed bugs of these two types are very similar. Both have spider-like legs and are larger than bed bugs. The species is endemic to Central and South America.

Often found in cacti that the woodpeckers have holed or in bat caves where they can feed on bats while they sleep. They feed on bats.

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