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Your Sleep Number order number can be found in your email or via on-site chat.

Frequently, Sleep Number's policies and customer service receive alarmingly negative reviews.

People tend to overlook the importance of return policies and warranties. Most brands claim lifetime warranties and 365-night trials - but will they honor them (+ without hassle)? That's a different story altogether.

Depending on your location, Sleep Number's shipping time is typically 5-7 business days. If you live in a rural area, expect the arrival time to double.

It is highly recommended that you keep an open mind and consider alternative brands. Based on our assessment and overall positive reviews, the Saatva Classic is the best mattress available in the US.

It is incredibly comfortable and built to last. Saatva Classic comes with extremely friendly policies, including a 365-night trial and a lifetime warranty!

Where Can I Find My Sleep Number Order Number

Your Sleep Number order number can be found in your email or by contacting their live chat.

How Long Does A Sleep Number Mattress Take To Ship?

You will receive your Sleep Number mattress within 5-7 business days of receiving your order. In rural areas, the process can take twice as long.

Should I Consider An Alternative Mattress To The Sleep Number?

Yes. There are definitely better alternatives you should consider.

Saatva offers affordable mattresses of great value. There are 4 mattress types you can choose from, depending on your preferences:

• Pick an innerspring mattress if you are on a tight budget, want a durable mattress, don't care about motion transfer, and want great back support. The Saatva Classic is the #1 premium hotel-quality innerspring mattress currently available.
• Pick a memory foam mattress if you want to feel enveloped in your mattress, sleep on your side, don't mind hotter temperatures, and can afford to pay a little more. We recommend the Loom & Leaf, which is a very comfortable and durable gel memory foam mattress.
• Pick a latex mattress if you have an unlimited budget and want the absolute best mattress type money can buy. Features amazing pressure relief and lasts 15-20 years. Zenhaven is our favorite latex mattress.
• Pick a hybrid mattress if you're on a budget and want the feel of a latex mattress and the sturdiness of an innerspring construction. The support or comfort is likely not as good as latex (in most scenarios) but gets you 80%+ of the way there (for a fraction of the cost). Saatva Classic is the #1 best hybrid innerspring mattress available.

How Long Does It Take For A Mattress To Dry Indoors?

A mattress can take up to 48 hours to dry indoors, depending on its size, thickness, and the level of humidity in the room. To speed up the process, put it in a well-ventilated space with a dehumidifier or fan. Removing any moisture-absorbing materials like sheets and comforters and using a clean towel to get rid of excess moisture can also help. Direct sunlight, hair dryers, and heaters can cause damage and affect the mattress's shape. After drying, make sure the mattress is completely dry and mold-free before using it again.

How Long Does It Take For Sleep Number To Deliver My Mattress After I Place My Order?

Sleep Number usually takes around 7-10 business days to deliver your mattress after you place your order. Though, the delivery time may differ based on your location and the availability of the selected mattress. Once you have placed your order, Sleep Number will get in touch with you to arrange a delivery window and update you on your order's status.

If you're in a hurry to receive your mattress, you can select expedited shipping for an added cost. You may also visit a Sleep Number store in your area to purchase and take home a mattress on the same day.

It's worth noting that Sleep Number is not the only option available for adjustable air mattresses. It's essential to research and compare various types of mattresses before purchasing to determine which one best suits your requirements and preferences.

How Long Does A Sleep Number Mattress Take To Ship?