Purple Mattress Lawsuit

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Purple uses powder based on polyethylene.

Several studies claim that this powder is harshly toxic.

The powder is used in pillows and mattresses as dust for a variety of reasons, including preventing mattresses from sticking during packing.

In response to an Honest Reviews article claiming Purple's anti-tack powder causes irreversible damage, Purple filed a petition against Monahan and Werner (CEO of GhostBed). Purple has denied these claims, claiming that the article deliberately misled people.

Purple received judicial attorney fees for retaining and pursuing a successful lawsuit. Studies and the court process proved that the white-based powders used in mattresses were safe.

However, you should still be cautious. Invest in a trustworthy and safe mattress like the Saatva Classic. It's incredibly comfortable and durable!

#1 Mattress That Doesn'T Have Fiberglass And Made In The Usa?

The Saatva Classic is by far the best mattress made in the USA without fiberglass.

Do not believe articles claiming fiberglass is not immediately dangerous or that it cannot spread if the cover is not removed. There is no truth to that. When the fibers break down, they emerge from the cover and become visible.

Avoid Purple at all costs and consider amazing alternatives like the Saatva Classic instead.

The Saatva Classic is an incredibly comfortable and reputable mattress with over 50k positive reviews. They have extremely friendly policies including a 365-night trial!

Has Purple Faced Any Other Legal Issues?

Yes. Purple was involved in a lawsuit.

Here are the details:

In 2016, Ryan Monahan creates the website Honest Mattress Reviews in order to provide honest, unbiased mattress reviews to the general public. Monahan posts an article alleging Purple's anti-tack powder causes irreversible damage to your body.

Afterward, he published other articles and videos about Purple powder. The Purple company has denied the allegations and said Monahan, affiliated with GhostBed, deliberately misled people.

Purple launches a private investigation to prove there is aconnection between Monahan and Werner. Purple filed a petition against Monahan and Werner (CEO of GhostBed) in February 2017.

Both companies have been ordered to remove misleading content from Honest Mattress Reviews.

Former GhostBed CEO Monahan's association with GhostBed has been revealed by Purple. The latter was also attacked by the defendants during the investigation.

As a result, Werner and Monahan hired a director who could report Monahan frequently while Monahan concealed his identity behind the Honest Mattress Review site.

Purple mattress was granted a preliminary injunction by the Honorable Judge Bee Denson. Purple was granted judicial attorney fees for retaining and pursuing a successful lawsuit. Studies and the court process proved that white-based powder used in mattresses did not cause potential damage.

Is It Possible To Make A Claim On Purple'S Class Action Lawsuit?

There is no active class action lawsuit, so it is not possible.

What Is The Lucid Mattress Fiberglass And Is It Harmful To Sleep On?

The Lucid mattress fiberglass is a layer of material integrated into the cover of the mattress to provide fire protection. It's a common industry practice, but it can be harmful if the fiberglass becomes exposed. This can lead to skin irritation and respiratory problems.

While the chances of the fiberglass becoming exposed are low, it's important to take precautions. These include using a mattress protector, inspecting your mattress for damage, and seeking medical attention if you experience any symptoms.

If you're worried about the potential risks of fiberglass in your mattress, there are alternatives. Look for mattresses that use natural or organic materials for fire retardation, such as wool or hydrated silica, or choose a mattress that is certified by third-party organizations like CertiPUR-US or Greenguard Gold.

Ultimately, the decision is yours. Consider your personal preferences, budget, and health concerns when choosing a mattress, and make sure to ask questions and do your research before buying.

What Is The Purple Mattress Lawsuit And What Is It About?

The Purple Mattress lawsuit revolves around customer complaints that the company's advertising is misleading. Customers claim that the "no-pressure" claims made by Purple are false and that the mattress doesn't actually relieve pressure points. Additionally, the lawsuit alleges that Purple didn't honor their warranty and return policy.

If you're thinking about buying a Purple Mattress, it's essential to do your research. While the case is ongoing and the verdict hasn't been reached yet, this information can help you make an informed decision. It's important to take the time to read reviews and compare products from other brands to find the ideal mattress for your needs. Also, make sure to carefully review the warranty and return policy before making any purchase. By being diligent, you can make sure that you're making the right decision for your health and comfort.

Has Purple Faced Any Other Legal Issues?