Purple Customer Service

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Purple has decent customer service.

When searching for a new mattress, customer support is an important factor to consider. People don't expect to encounter an issue.

Purple offers a live chat and has its phone number and email address listed on the website.

However, they have limited working hours. Mattress brands should be available 24/7.

We identified online reviews complaining about Purple's unhelpful support.

The above reasons are why we recommend the Saatva Classic. They have generous customer support hours and incredibly friendly policies.

Is Purple Customer Support Any Good?

Purple seems to offer solid customer service.

Live chat is available, and they seem responsive.

Their phone number and e-mail are listed at the top of their site on the contact page.

Note: When you have real problems and need to speak with someone immediately, their customer service will not suffice.

What Is Purple'S Customer Service Hours?

Purple's customer service is available during the following hours:

• Monday to Sunday: 09:00 AM - 11:00 PM (EST)

Does Purple Have Customer Service Live Chat?

Yes, Purple has live chat that seems generally responsive.

Does Purple Have A Customer Service Phone Number?

Yes, Purple has a customer service number. You can reach them at 1-888-286-3404.

Real Purple Customer Reviews

Negative reviews about their customer service are a potential reality to expect if you buy from Purple.

Here are 2 online reviews from real users:

User 1: "What a horrible mattress and company. Purchased a split king hybrid 4 and it's the worst purchase we have ever made. Wish I could take it back and keep my 13k this is literally the worst mattress, and company I've ever had the misfortune to deal with. Mattress is horrible, worst mattress ever, mattress gives my husband and myself horrible back and neck pains. Ohhh so so bad, words can't express how horrible this mattress is. Don't walk away from a purple mattress, RUN!!"

User 2: "I ordered 4 items for Christmas gifts. I got 3 items. I called and asked 1 missing item to be shipped out in the faster way. Rejected! I asked that I WILL PAY for faster shipping to get it before Christmas. Rejected!! The delivery system isn't organized. I do online-order many things but their service is not good at all."

The reviews above are strong indications that you should avoid Purple.

Consider a trustworthy brand like the Saatva Classic. They have over 50k reviews, and they offer amazing mattresses.

The Saatva Classic is known for its accessibility, incredible customer service, and friendly policies.

What Is Purple'S Customer Service Hours?

Yes, Purple has a customer service number. You can reach them at 1-888-286-3404.