Plank Mattress Return Policy

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Plank is a mattress brand that sells a wide range of products, including mattresses. Plank forces you to sleep on their mattress for 30-days before you're eligible to return their mattress.

Even more, all their mattresses are covered under their return policy. One caveat to their return policy is: no refunds for shipping if you live in Hawaii, Alaska & Canada.

How To Return A Plank Mattress: Explained

Returning a mattress to Plank involves 4 simple steps:

  1. Call & chat with a support specialist
  2. Donate or arrange for pickup of your old mattress
  3. Receive your refund
  4. Buy a new mattress

Keep in mind, most mattress brands have restrictions and caveats when you return. Plank is no different.

Potential restrictions may include:

  1. Must be in ‘donate-able’ condition.
  2. Show only ‘normal’ signs of wear and tear.
  3. Used with an approved base, frame, foundation or support (this includes support in the center 3rd of the mattress)
  4. No environmental or personal damage. This includes:
    (a) mold,
    (b) spills,
    (c) bed bugs,
    (d) or other damage that severely alters the construction, performance or makeup of the mattress.

Reach out to us directly if you have questions about either (1) Plank or (2) any other mattress brand return policies.")

Can You Return A Plank Mattress Without A Receipt?


You can return a mattress to Plank mattress without a receipt.

All you need is your original invoice # (sometimes just your name works) when you call them.

Can You Return A Plank Mattress If You Already Opened The Packaging/Slept On It?

Absolutely. You can return a Plank if you've slept on it. Almost every single mattress brand in 2022 allows you to return if you either (a) open packaging or (b) sleep on it.

Most return policies come with 90-to-365 trial period days. This allows you a lot more freedom and time to test their mattress (in the comfort of your home)."

What Is The Time Limit To Return A Plank Mattress?

The time limit to return a Plank mattress is 120-days.

Additionally, Plank mattress's policy strictness can vary on the customer service rep (or manager) you speak with.

Some brands are unnecessarily strict. If you surpass their trial by 1 day - they will not allow you to return. We firmly dislike policies like this. We recommend stearing clear of any mattress brand that has very restrictive conditions like this.

Other brands (like Saatva Mattress) are much more forgiving. Over by a few days? Not the end of the world. Even if it didn't work out, brands like this care about leaving a great impression.

Do I Have To Wait 30-Days To Return A Plank Mattress?

As mentioned earlier Plank mattress forces you to sleep on their mattress for 30-days before you're eligible to return their mattress. Typically mattress companies recommend (sometimes by strict policy enforcement) that you cannot return their mattress within your trial's first 30 days.

We do not like this policy for 2 reasons:

(1) It forces you to sleep on the mattress for 30-nights, even if you're extremely uncomfortable and want to return it sooner. (2) If a brand's return policy is strict and potentially unfair, what other policies may be similarly unforgiving?

In the case of Plank we suggest giving them a call to confirm their most recent policy about minimum return time limitations.

Can You Return A Plank Mattress Without A Receipt?

No. Someone cannot return a Plank mattress for you.

If your invoice has (1) your name and (2) address on it, you must call and return the mattress. Some brands are a little more forgiving than others.

As always, we recommend giving a call to confirm this (if this specific point is a deal-breaker for you).

What Does Plank Do With Their Returns?

Plank mattress likely either (a) donates or (b) disposes of their returns. This can be done a few different ways, and is unique to each mattress brand.

If you're concerned about environmental decisions Plank takes, call their customer support to confirm what they do with their returns.

Does My Plank Mattress Have To Be In Perfect Condition (To Return)?

No. Your Plank mattress does not need to be in perfect condition for return eligibility.

However, it'll likely need to be in 'donatable' condition. 'Donateable' is a fancy way of saying 'no extreme wear or tear'. Even that can be ambiguous or difficult to define, which is why we always recommend calling Plank directly.

We recommend giving Plank a call to confirm their most-updated policy.

How Long Does A Plank Refund Take?

Refunds for Plank typically take 3-7 business days (this is normal for most mattress companies). The refund is issued in the form of your original payment (we recommend visiting their website to double check this policy).

If your purchase includes a discount/coupon/etc, Plank they may not refund your dollar value of that offer code. This applies to all products, not just the mattress.

For example; you purchase a $1,000 mattress with a $200 discount code. If you end-up returning your mattress, you'll only be refunded $800 - $200 less (in this hypothetical example).

Are There Fees, Fine-Print Or Limitations For Returning Plank Mattress?

Most brands - including Plank - have additional fine-print that can cost you in the event of a return.

Here's an extensive list of what you need to be mindful of with any return policy.

  • Support: Only use a bed frame / foundation supported (or approved) by Plank mattress.
  • Location: Only orders within the contiguous US qualify for a return. It's expensive to ship a mattress. Especially when it's outside the contiguous US. Check the fine print if you live in Hawaii or Alaska.
  • Condition: If your mattress isn't in a reasonably conditioned state, Plank may refuse your return.
  • Promotional Refunds: You won't get any promotional items refunded back in the event of a return (for obvious reasons).
  • Delivery Fee: Call Plank to confirm if you get your delivery fee back. Most brands, if they offer a white-glove delivery service and/or recycling (for a fee), will not refund it. Any previous policy we list here may be outdated by the time you read it.
  • Restock Fee: Some brands (especially mattress stores and traditional big-box stores) have a restocking fee. This restocking fee can range from 5-20%+.
  • Open Within 90-Days: Most policies require you to open your mattress within 90-days of your delivery date. If you don't, the mattress can form moisture pockets. This eventually leads to mold!
  • 30-Day Minimum Eligibility: As we mentioned above, some brands require you to sleep on their mattress for 30-days before even being eligible to return. We strongly recommend against choosing brands with this approach.
  • Law Tag: Do not remove the law tag. If you do, you may be uneligible to return or exchange your mattress.")