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Memory Foam Mattress Vs Pillow Top

Best 10’s Verdict

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Both memory foam and pillow top mattresses offer plush cushioning, but their feel is different because they have different support systems.

The best mattress for you can be determined by knowing the pros and cons of each.

Additionally, you may want to consider a hybrid bed or budget accessories.

Memory foam mattresses are usually made from polyurethane with added chemicals to increase their responsiveness to temperature and pressure.

Their dense material softens with body weight and heat, allowing you to sink into it and relieve pressure points. When properly cared for, they can last between 8 and 10 years.

Pillow tops are plush layers of padding sewn on top of mattresses. They may contain materials such as: down, cotton, wool, memory foam, latex foam, or fiberfill.

They're an aesthetic feature of mattresses. This design feature accentuates the support layer, comfort layer, and mattress topper, and differs from mattress toppers (which are separate and detachable parts).

The Loom & Leaf is the best memory foam mattress available right now. Features high-quality materials and is built to last.

Memory foam vs. pillow top pros

Memory foam has the following 4 main pros:

• Usually hypoallergenic: An excellent choice for those who suffer from allergies. Avoid cheap foam mattresses.
• Pressure Relief: Memory foam is naturally enveloping. Provides overall pressure relief for all major sensitive points.
• Price: The price-quality ratio is excellent.
• Variety of brands: More brands mean more competition, which means more, higher-quality options (like the Loom & Leaf).

Pillow tops have the following 3 main pros:

• Temperature: The ability to retain heat and regulate temperature.
• Price: Quite affordable. High-quality mattresses also use pillow tops.
• Comfort: Memory foam mattresses can be combined with pillow tops for utmost comfort.

Memory Foam Vs. Pillow Top Cons

Both memory foam and pillow-top mattresses have their cons.

Memory foam mattresses have the following disadvantages:

• Off-gassing: Lower-quality memory foam mattresses release an unpleasant chemical odor when opened. VOCs break down at room temperature, causing the smell. You can find CertiPUR-US® certified mattresses with little VOCs.
• Heat Retention: Prevents restful sleep. To provide more airflow and cooling capabilities, choose memory foam mattresses with cooling technologies.
• Price: High-quality memory foam mattresses are expensive.
• Sagging: Foams of lower quality sag quickly.

Pillow top mattresses have the following disadvantages:

• Support: They do not provide contouring support like memory foam
• Poor motion isolation: Couples shouldn't use them because they have poor motion isolation (they may cause more sleep interruptions)
• Durability: Pillow top mattresses have a coil support layer that is likely to wear out. Low-quality materials can cause the pillow top and the rest of the bed to sag

Should I buy a memory foam or pillow top mattress?

Consider memory foam if you find its 'pros' more appealing.

Combining memory foam and pillow tops will give you the best of both worlds. The Loom and Leaf is a fantastic mattress with both high-quality foams and a premium pillow top.

If you dislike memory foam, consider a hybrid innerspring with a pillow top. The Saatva Classic is rated as the best hybrid innerspring pillow top.

You should also consider your sleeping position when you're looking for a new mattress.

While memory foam and pillow top mattresses can be comfortable for back and stomach sleepers, memory foam mattresses are recommended for side sleepers.

Memory Foam Mattress Vs Pillow Top FAQs

Here are 2 frequently asked questions about memory foam and pillow top mattresses:

1. Can a pillow top mattress be flipped over?

If you flip one of these mattresses, you'll sleep on the coil layer instead of the cushy pillow top. Don't flip a mattress with only one pillow top.

2. Should I choose a memory foam or pillow-top mattress?

Personal preference ultimately determines what mattress is right for you.

Some people may prefer the responsiveness and springy feeling of pillow-top mattresses.

Memory foam beds, on the other hand, are a great choice for sleepers who enjoy contouring support.

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#1 Rated: Saatva Classic

Saatva is our #1 best mattress for 2022! 50k+ 5-star reviews.

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