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Memory Foam Mattress Is Too Hot

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Traditional memory foam mattresses are known to sleep hot, as it tends to trap body heat (unlike gel-memory foam mattresses).

A number of factors can contribute to sleeping hot.

However, in most cases your mattress is the main factor causing sleeping problems.

It generally occurs for the following reasons:

1. You have a low-quality mattress
2. Your mattress just isn't right for you

Either way, it means you should replace your mattress. Our top pick for 2022 is the Saatva Classic. A high-quality innerspring mattress with cooling features. Very comfortable and built to last.

#1 Solution If My Memory Foam Mattress Is Too Hot

Having trouble sleeping on your memory foam mattress?

Replace your foam mattress with these 4 alternatives:

• A gel-memory foam: Loom and Leaf is the #1 gel-memory foam mattress on the market. A high-quality model from a reputable brand. Provides a body-hugging feel and keeps you cool while you sleep.
• An innerspring mattress: Saatva Classic is America's best-selling online luxury innerspring. Provides healthy spinal alignment and back support in any sleep position.
• A latex mattress: Our #1 latex mattress pick of 2022 is the Zenhaven. Durable, dual-sided natural-latex mattress for buoyant, pressure-relieving comfort.
• A hybrid mattress: Get the best of both worlds with the Saatva Classic. Premium hybrid innerspring mattress at an affordable price.

A useful tip from a Reddit user about why latex is perhaps a better option:

"As someone who recently switched from memory foam to latex, I can tell you that the latter sleeps a lot cooler (though it's also a different kind of feel than memory foam). I used to wake up roasting in the middle of the night on memory foam, but no longer have that problem.

Perhaps a latex topper might be worth considering, but I dunno how that will work on top of a memory foam mattress."

Why Does A Memory Foam Mattress Get Hot?

Memory foam is dense. It "hugs" you, which means you're enveloped in a dense, hot foam mattress. In other words, if you wake up feeling hot in the middle of the night, it's probably your mattress that's to blame.

Sleeping hot can also be caused by other factors, such as:

• The foundation is flat with poor airflow facilitation.
• You don't have cotton or wool sheets.
• You don't use an AC or have a fan lightly blowing on you.
• Your partner radiates a lot of body heat (this is a common problem).

If none of the factors above apply, then it's your mattress. Replace your memory foam mattress with:

• An innerspring: Innerspring mattresses naturally sleep cool because they promote airflow. Less expensive option. Check out the Saatva Classic. The best luxury innerspring hybrid available.
• A latex mattress: Latex mattresses don't absorb heat and therefore allow the body's natural cooling process to happen. They are the most expensive option (but likely worth it if you can afford it). We recommend the Zenhaven. A luxury Talalay latex mattress that is built to last.
• A gel-memory foam mattress: Gel-memory foam mattresses are designed to provide the ideal, cooling lift. See Loom and Leaf, the #1 gel-memory foam mattress of 2022!

Tips To Stay Cool If My Memory Foam Mattress Is Too Hot

In addition to tossing and turning at night, sleeping hot can cause even more serious problems.

A hot mattress creates a moist environment. The result? Bed bugs and other night crawlers may gravitate toward your mattress.

10 solutions for hot sleeping:

• Sheets and blankets: Avoid fabrics that trap body heat, like polyester or silk. Use cooling sheets made with materials such as cotton, linen, or bamboo.
• Pillow: To keep cool, choose a pillow that lacks solid fill. Fill it with shredded memory foam, buckwheat hulls, or microbeads to improve air circulation.
• Mattress pad and topper: Many mattress pads and memory foam toppers contain cooling gels or are made with cooling fibers to better absorb body heat. Try an electric mattress pad with cooling options if you'd like to get techy. Most of them let you control the temperature via a dial or an app on your phone.
• Room temperature: By reducing the room temperature to 68 degrees, you will relieve your memory foam's heat and induce deeper sleep quickly.
• Electronics: Electronic devices emit heat. Keeping them out of the bedroom could contribute to your bed being too hot.
• Exercise in the morning (not before bed or in the evening). Exercising before bed can raise your body temperature and keep you awake.
• Wear fewer clothes: Try changing your sleepwear, like cotton or linen pajamas that wick away moisture and heat, enhancing your bed's ability to keep you cool.
• Try wool bedding: Place 3-4 layers of bedding to insulate the memory foam and allow heat to go through.
• Sleep in different positions.
• Drink water before bed.

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#1 Rated: Saatva Classic

Saatva is our #1 best mattress for 2022! 50k+ 5-star reviews.

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