Lull Return Policy

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If you intend to buy a mattress, make sure you check its policies (including return and warranty). Don't skip this step!

Lull lets you return your mattress within 365 days of purchase. To qualify for a return, the mattress needs to be clean and undamaged. Representatives will pick it up and remove it free of charge.

You must submit all required information and documentation within 30 days of your refund request. A resubmission is necessary otherwise.

A refund requires proof of purchase, like a receipt or a donation slip. However, the return process is not clearly explained.

With a high-quality mattress like the Saatva Classic, you won't have to worry about return risks. They have excellent customer support and the best return policy in the business.

Saatva offers a generous 365-night sleep trial and accepts all returns without questions.

Can I Return My Mattress To Lull?

Yes, you can return your mattress for a full refund. Lull offers a 365-night trial starting on the day of delivery.

Note: To qualify for a mattress return, the mattress must be clean and undamaged.

How Do I Return My Mattress To Lull?

To return a mattress to Lull, you should contact their customer support for instructions.

Within 30 days of your refund request, you must submit all required information and documentation. Otherwise, the refund request must be re-submitted.

Unboxed mattresses are considered misused and are not eligible for warranty claims or returns.

Will Lull Pick Up My Mattress Return?

Yes. If you are unhappy with your mattress within 365 days, representatives will pick it up and remove it for free.

Does Covid Impact Lull'S Return Policy?

No. Lull's return policy has not been affected by Covid.

Can I Return My Lull Mattress After 2 Years?

No, you can't return the mattress after 2 years.

Lull does not accept mattress returns after the 365-day trial period.

How Do I Return My Mattress To Lull?

Once the donation partner pick-up has been confirmed, they will process your refund credit immediately.

You will receive a full refund of the applicable amount spent specifically on the Lull Mattress you are returning.

If there is no donation facility within a reasonable distance, evidence of disposal must be provided.

What If I Don'T Have A Receipt For My Lull Return?

No. Lull's return policy has not been affected by Covid.

#1 Mattress Return Policy

Saatva has by far the best return policy in the industry (and it's not even close).

Their mattresses come with a generous 365-night trial and a lifetime warranty. No questions asked in the event of a return. It's really that simple.

Saatva Classic mattresses are affordable and built to last. Very comfortable. Provide great pressure relief and support.