Is A Soft Mattress Bad For Your Back

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Best 10’s Verdict

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You should avoid a soft mattress if you're experiencing back problems. The drawbacks outweigh the advantages.

A firm mattress can sometimes do a better job with aligning your spine (if you only sleep on your back). However most people sleep in multiple positions - therefore the medium firm is the optimal firmness for most people.

Don't forget - your back pain may be caused by factors (such as underdeveloped abdominal muscles) other than just your mattress.

Finding a perfect mattress for you and your body is critical. But also focus on your nutrition and fitness. Make both changes at the same time for maximum positive impact.

#1 Soft Mattress For Back Pain

There is no such thing as a perfect soft mattress for back pain.

Most mattresses come in a variety of firmnesses.

It is important to choose the right firmness level for your overall body and sleep position.

Saatva Classic is our top pick if you have bad back pain. They offer a plush soft comfort level, but we recommend their medium firm level (called the luxury firm).

If you have a bad back, this mattress provides fantastic pressure relief and support.

Pros Of A Soft Mattress For Bad Backs

There are not many pros to having a soft mattress for bad backs.

The only one we can think of is if you sleep exclusively on your side.

In any case, we'd suggest switching your sleep positions to back sleeping to help align your spine more effectively (and relieve back pain).

Cons Of A Soft Mattress For Bad Backs

Consider the following if you're considering a soft mattress and have back problems:

• A soft mattress is not a good choice for people with back problems.
• The firmer the bed, the better it is for your back and your mattress in the long run.
• Low back pain may also be caused by underdeveloped abdominal muscles and hip rotation.

Here are some ways to relieve back pain:

• Sleep on a flat surface on only your back for a few days (helps to reset your back).
• Get a firm mattress that keeps your back aligned while you sleep.

Note: Hybrids (like Saatva Classic) have the best balance of cushioning from the memory foam and support from a good coil spring system.

When Should You Buy A Soft Mattress If You Have A Bad Back?

A soft mattress is not recommended for people with bad backs.

You can make an exception in the following situations:

1. If you're buying a premium mattress with excellent construction and support.
2. If your partner prefers a softer mattress.

Saatva Classic is the only mattress that we can think of that can provide both softness and outstanding support.

When Should You Avoid A Soft Mattress If You Have A Bad Back?

You should especially avoid a soft mattress in the following cases:

• When you're on a tight budget.
• If you enjoy a medium-firm or a firmer mattress.
• If your partner prefers a firmer mattress.

Keep in mind that medium-firm is the optimal firmness level for most people.

Pros Of A Soft Mattress For Bad Backs

Medium firmness is likely to be ideal for your bad back.

The majority of studies show that medium-firm mattresses (not too soft or too firm) help alleviate overall back pain for most people.

Choose a medium firm mattress unless you only sleep on your side. Make sure your mattress is neither too soft nor too firm.

What Mattress Type Is Best For My Bad Back?

It depends. There are pros and cons to all mattress types when it comes to relieving back pain.

Your mattress won't completely eliminate your back pain.

Besides a great mattress, you need to combine diet and exercise to see significant improvement.

Here are some benefits of different types of mattresses for back pain:

• Innerspring: They provide solid, reliable, and consistent support - which is great for the back.
• Memory Foam: They provide amazing pressure relief and envelop your sensitive pain points.
• Latex: They offer great pressure relief and a cooler sleeping experience.
• Hybrid: They offer the best of both worlds depending on the support, comfort layer, and materials that are used.

Hybrid innerspring mattresses are our favorite type of mattress. The Saatva Classic embodies this style and is incredibly supportive and comfortable.