Is A Firm Mattress Better For Your Back

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A firm mattress is likely not better for your back.

In fact, a medium-firm comfort level is best if you have a bad back. Most studies agree!

We believe the Saatva Classic is the #1 medium-firm mattress you can buy.

Why is a medium-firm mattress a smart general recommendation for most people that have back problems?

Because a medium-firm comfort level accommodates a wide range of sleep positions. Back, stomach and side sleeping are all effectively enveloped and supported by a medium firmness.

A firm mattress can in fact cause unnecessary nerve pressure, which can lead to serious health complications over time (especially with your neck, shoulders, back and hips).

Aim for a balanced firmness - some cushioned firmness, but contoured support is good, too.

Sleep position plays an import role in how effect a specific mattress firmness is (soft = side sleeping. medium-firm = all 3 positions. firm = mainly back and stomach).

Why A Medium Firm Mattress Is Likely Better For Your Back

A medium-firm mattress is best for preventing back pain, but we must also consider our weight and sleeping position when choosing mattress firmness.

Consider the following comfort level tips when choosing your mattress:

• Suitable for all sleeping positions.
• Supports the spine's natural curves even when you sleep horizontally.
• Your spine will be held in its natural curve, and your head, shoulders, buttocks, and heels will be aligned.
• No pressure at all, almost as if you're floating.

• Recommended for side sleepers (provides extra cushion for your hips and shoulders and keeps your spine in a neutral position).

• Suitable for stomach sleepers (keep your hips elevated, preventing aches and pains in your back).

#1 Firm Mattress For Your Back

Saatva Classic is unquestionably the #1 innerspring mattress available for your back pain.

Affordable, high-quality and built to last.

Unbelievably comfortable and sturdy. Comes in 3 comfort levels, so it's firmness works great for all sleep positions.

They also have great policies and offer a "buy now, pay later" program (0% interest) for those who can't afford a new mattress at the moment.

Firm Vs. Soft Mattress For Your Back

Firm and soft mattresses wildly differ with how they handle back pain.

• Firm mattress are more rigid to the touch and has less give, but do a better job aligning your spine.
• Medium firm mattresses align your spine best for most sleep positions.
• Soft mattress: Compress more easily when you apply pressure and don't align your spine as well.

Note: Mattress firmness or softness depends on either the spring tension or the general tension of the construction.

• Advantages of a Firm Mattress: Less stress on muscles, veins, and arteries (the bones absorb most of the pressure). Also keeps your lower back from collapsing (allows for more oxygen intake while sleeping).

• Drawbacks of a Firm Mattress: Initially, switching from a softer to a firmer mattress can feel very uncomfortable. Over time, this usually becomes less noticeable.

• Advantages of a Soft Mattress: Suitable for those who are experiencing back pain on a standard mattress, or those who have pre-existing back problems. Comfortable for lighter individuals, as a harder mattress can end up not compressing for them at all. Better aligns the spine, while sleeping on your side.

• Drawbacks of a Soft Mattress: Can cause back problems for back and stomach sleepers, and those of a heavier weight. Problematic for bed sharers (Heavier partner sinks in more, making the sleep surface unbalanced). In some cases, soft mattresses may be less long-lasting than firm ones.

Finding a firmness that suits your needs can be tricky.

Choosing a medium-firm mattress from a reputable brand like Saatva Classic is likely the best option.

Saatva Classic is designed to fit everyone's needs. No matter your body and lifestyle preferences, it just perfectly adapts. The 50K+ positive customer reviews prove this.

What Type Of Mattress Is Best For Your Back?

Although very little clinical research has been done on mattresses, one study found that medium-firm mattresses reduce back pain better than firm mattresses.

Choosing a mattress type is equally important as choosing its firmness.

Useful facts about the different types:

• Hybrid: Great choice for back pain. Combines multiple materials to support your body. However, not all hybrid mattresses are the same. The best solution is to choose a medium-firm hybrid from a reputable brand. Check Saatva Classic, the #1 hybrid innerspring mattress.

• Innerspring: Suitable for those who prefer to lie on top of their mattress rather than sink into it. Innerspring mattresses typically have fewer foam layers than hybrid mattresses. They are less conforming but still provide pressure relief. We recommend Saatva Classic. A high-quality hybrid innerspring mattress that is built to last. Great balance of support and pressure relief.

• Memory foam (+ gel foam): Conforms perfectly to the body, reduces pressure on pressure points and supports spinal alignment. (Our #1 memory foam mattress pick is the Loom & Leaf. Premium 5-lb memory foam mattress for a body-hugging feel. Extra support for your lower back.

• Latex: Provides body-cradling feel of memory foam as well as cushioned support. No harmful chemicals. Zenhaven is the best natural latex mattress available. Pressure-point relief where you need it most and enhanced lower back support.

More Helpful Faqs And Tips About What Firmness Is Best For Your Back

Consider the following tips when choosing your mattress:

• Side sleepers: If you mainly sleep on your side, a soft mattress is likely right for you
• Back and stomach sleepers: Usually most suitable for back and stomach sleepers is a firm mattress
• Combo sleepers: Medium-firm mattresses are suitable for all 3 sleeping positions

Tip 1: If in doubt, get a medium-firm mattress.
Tip 2: Consider getting a memory foam mattress instead of a traditional innerspring mattress.

Reddit users says:
• User 1: "I bought Saatva mattress a year ago and it's changed my life. I have chronic back pain from my scoliosis and this bed has literally made my pain go away. I have the mattress pad too and love it. My partner and I hate sleeping on anything else. I can't recommend this bed enough. The price is worth it!"
• User 2: "One Mattress I did find to be very comfortable was the Queen Sized Saatva Original Luxury Firm. It was firm enough to support a big man (6'3 & 240 pounds) like me and my girlfriend feels it's comfortable as well. The price wasn't cheap but it wasn't budget breaking like the upscale Tempur-Pedics. I decided to order it online and since then I don't have any complaints whatsoever, it's the most comfortable mattress I've ever had."

#1 Firm Mattress For Your Back