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How To Sell A Used Mattress

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Do not sell a used mattress. It's a bad idea.

Donate or dispose of it, but don't try to sell it.

Even worse, buying a used mattress (even from a 'reputable' store), is generally a bad idea.

Don't put your future health and well-being at risk by purchasing a used mattress that is likely damaged or heavily worn (internally).

Whether you're selling a used mattress (and need a new one), or trying to buy a new mattress - check out the Saatva Classic. By far the best option if you need a replacement mattress. Unbelievably comfortable. And built to last 10-15 years of normal use. Generous 365-night sleep trial, too.

Why Selling Your Used Mattress Is A Bad Idea

Buying a used mattress is a bad idea for these 4 reasons:

• It could be infested with bedbugs or other creatures.
• A cheap mattress affects your health more than anything else.
• Probably has irreparable internal damage (why would you buy a used mattress, then have to repair it anyway)?
• There is likely to be more weight on the mattress than when it was new due to the previous owner's sweat and fluids adding weight

If You Insist On Selling Your Used Mattress, Follow These Steps

If you insist on selling your used mattress, follow these 7 steps

1. Research applicable laws and regulations: Mattress sale laws are governed at the state level, so you'll need to check your local regulations. See if you can find used mattress stores in your area if your state allows it. A retailer will likely be the best option if this is the case.

2. Check the requirements for red and yellow labels:

• The yellow tag indicates that the mattress has been sanitized
• A red tag indicates that the mattress contains used materials

3. Make sure you meet the federal flammability standard: Since 2007, these standards ensure that mattresses are made from non-flammable materials.

4. Set a price: Used mattresses typically sell for between 20-30% of their original retail price. The age, use, and physical condition of a mattress, as well as visible sagging, stains, and stains, can all influence the fair market value of your mattress.

5. Write an Advertisement: Highlight its strengths while being truthful and honest about its current state. List all the following information:

• Brand and model
• Mattress size
• Materials used
• Age of mattress
• Any problems you've had
• Your asking price.

6. Choose a Marketplace: Amazon and eBay are impractical for mattresses since sellers must ship their items. Consider local marketplaces such:

• Facebook Marketplace
• Craigslist
• Kijiji.

7. Sell Your Mattress: It's time to wait for inquiries from prospective buyers after listing your used mattress on Craigslist.

Consider these tips if you have trouble getting clients:

• Repost your listing
• Reduce the price
• Title the listing differently
• Make a delivery offer

If you are still not able to sell your mattress, consider donating it to a local charity. Then buy a new sturdy and built-to-last mattress (like Saatva Classic).

Where Can I Sell A Used Mattress?

Selling your used mattress is not something you want to do.

The odds are that you won't make anything from it and will spend an unreasonable amount of time trying to sell it.

You would be much better off disposing of it or donating it to those who are less fortunate and who actually need it.

If you really want to sell, only sell it to a family member if (a) it's in amazing, like-new shape and (b) you sell it at a significant discount.

Where Can I Donate My Used Mattress?

The following locations accept used mattresses for disposal or donation:

• Habitat for Humanity
• Nazareth Housing
• GreenDrop
• Hour Children
• Vintage Thrift

Make sure your mattress is still in relatively good condition if you want to donate it to charity.

Also, check your local and state laws regarding mattress disposal.

Here are 2 other alternatives for disposing or donating your mattress:

1. Donate it to a homeless shelter or animal shelter.
2. Try a recycling center. Consider Renewable Recycling Inc., a popular recycling company in New York that offers pickup appointments. Or, you can search Earth911 for nearby recycling centers.

Should I Sell My Used Mattress On Facebook Marketplace Or Craigslist?

Yes, you technically can sell your used mattress on FB marketplace or Craigslist.

However, we don't recommend that, since it's stressful and time-consuming. It is also dangerous.

Avoid Craigslist at all costs. There are too many horror stories about it.

Be careful not to compromise your safety on Craigslist to make $50.

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#1 Rated: Saatva Classic

Saatva is our #1 best mattress for 2023! 50k+ 5-star reviews.

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