How To Make A Mattress More Comfortable

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If your mattress isn't comfortable, it's time to replace it.

There is no sense in sacrificing sleep quality for a temporary fix.

There are very few permanent solutions to an uncomfortable mattress.

You can try 3 ways to fix a 'too firm' or 'too soft' mattress:

• Give it time to break in
• Regulate room temperature
• Get proper support

Most of these solutions won't work if your mattress is old and not brand new.

You should return your new mattress if it is not comfortable.

If your mattress is old and uncomfortable, donate or throw it away.

Keep in mind the 4 factors that determine mattress comfort:

• Firmness
• Type
• Edge support
• Pillow-top

The Saatva Classic is an excellent replacement mattress. It's America's best-selling online luxury innerspring.

It provides healthy spinal alignment and back support in any sleep position.

Meant to last 10-15 years with normal use.

How Can I Tell If A Mattress Is Going To Be Comfortable For Me?

Consider the following 4 factors to determine a mattress' comfort:

1. Firmness: The right firmness level depends on your sleeping position and body type:

• For side sleepers, medium, medium-soft, or soft mattresses are ideal.
• For back sleepers, a medium or medium-firm mattress is recommended.
• Stomach sleepers need a firm mattress for better support.
• Plus-size sleepers should choose a firmer bed.
• Petite and plus-size sleepers can experience spinal misalignment because of mattress sinkage.
• Average and underweight sleepers need a medium-firm bed.

2. Type: Different people respond differently to springs, hybrids, foams, and latexes. Decide on your ideal mattress type before you buy. Most people would benefit from a high-quality innerspring hybrid like the Saatva Classic.

3. Edge support: It ensures overall comfort. Tossing and turning lessens sleep quality and indicates a less supportive mattress.

4. Pillow-top: It determines whether your mattress has impressions. Avoid them if you're sensitive to body impressions (foam and latex are ideal).

How To Make A Mattress More Comfortable (If It'S Too Firm)?

Too-firm' mattresses can be softened in 3 main ways:

• Break in: If it's brand-new, give it some time to adjust. New mattresses feel firmer at first, but sleeping on them night after night softens them up.
• Temperature: Foam firmness can be influenced by temperature. Maintain an ideal temperature (between 66-67 degrees).
• Correct Support: Support is sometimes lacking. Getting better support like a bunkie board or plywood may help.

If your mattress is old and not brand new, most of these won't work as permanent solutions.

It's time to replace your old, uncomfortable firm mattress as soon as possible.

Your best option is a sturdy and high-quality hybrid innerspring like the Saatva Classic!

How To Make A Mattress More Comfortable (If It'S Too Soft)?

Too-soft mattresses can be made a tad firmer in 2 ways:

• Get good support: Sometimes, the support of your mattress isn't great, causing your mattress to be 'too soft'. Check the bed base's condition before you buy a bed. Your mattress will feel softer and sag sooner if you have a broad bed foundation.

• Replace your old and soft mattress with a firmer and more comfortable one (like the Saatva Classic).

Note: It's almost impossible to fix a mattress that's already too soft. Density and firmness cannot be reintroduced into foams or coils that have already broken down (and are likely damaged). Your mattress should be the most relaxing and rejuvenating place in your house.

#1 Most Comfortable Mattress Available

The Saatva Classic is America's best-selling online luxury innerspring. It's an affordable, high-quality mattress that is built to last.

Comes in plush soft, luxury firm (medium), and firm comfort levels. Provides healthy spinal alignment and back support in any sleep position.

The medium-firm mattress is suitable for every range of sleep styles. Designed to replicate the comfort level used in luxury hotels.

A perfect balance of comfort and uplifting support.

How Can I Adjust The Firmness Of My Mattress To Make It More Comfortable?

Adjusting the firmness of your mattress can make all the difference in your comfort. Luckily, it's a simple process. First, determine your desired level of firmness - add foam or down for a softer feel, remove the topper or add a plywood board for a firmer feel. You can also adjust the air pressure in an air mattress or rearrange and cut the foam layers of a memory foam mattress. Just be careful not to damage the mattress. Finally, if your mattress is old and saggy, it may be time for a replacement. Keep in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, so experiment until you find what works best for you.

How To Make A Mattress More Comfortable (If It'S Too Firm)?