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How To Fix Mattress Indentation

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You can patch up sagging and indentations temporarily until you can buy a replacement mattress.

The following 4 tips can help minimize sagging on mattresses:

• Use a mattress topper
• Rotate the mattress
• Replace the foundation
• Use extra pillows

You are better off buying a new, high-quality mattress like the Saatva Classic since these are only temporary fixes.

Indentation and sagging of mattresses are usually caused by prolonged use, uneven weight distribution, and inadequate care. They damage the mattress permanently.

Saggy or indented mattresses make it difficult to keep your spine straight and significantly reduce the quality of your sleep.

Latex foam lasts longer than memory foam, and foam mattresses last longer than coil mattresses.

Over time, open coil mattresses tend to sag and may need replacing in a few years.

Don't compromise your health and get a new mattress as soon as possible.

The Saatva Classic is the best mattress available on the market. An extremely durable and comfortable mattress. Provides great support and pressure relief.

#1 'Fix' If You Currently Experience Mattress Indentations And Sagging

The Saatva Classic mattresses are unbelieveably comfortable and durable.

Provides amazing support and pressure relief.

They're not prone to sagging. Built to last 10-15 years with proper care.

How Do Indentations Occur? And Do Mattress Indentations Cause Permanent Damage?

Mattress indentations are caused by long-term use.

Do not confuse 'indentations' with legitimate structural problems.

It is common for pillow top mattresses to display 'indentations' as they adjust to their final positions (from your body weight, etc).

An old, low-quality or overused mattress can soften, creating a crater that provides little support for the sleeper.

Pain, stiffness, and interruptions in sleep can result from a sagging mattress.

Mattress indentation and sagging usually result from 4 factors:

• Long-term use
• Uneven weight distribution
• Inadequate or low-quality foundations
• Inadequate care

Rotating your mattress allows the top foams to settle into their final positions evenly (preventing a lumpy top).

What Mattress 'Types' Sag And Have Less 'Indentations'?

Customers often complain about their mattresses sagging.

It can affect your posture, decrease the longevity of your mattress, and disrupt your sleep.

Sagging is inevitable, but some mattresses sag faster than others.

Quality natural latex mattresses can last up to 20 years without sagging.

Latex foam stands up to wear and tear better than memory foam, and foam mattresses last longer than coil mattresses.

Innerspring mattresses with open coils tend to sag over time and may need to be replaced within 6 years.

Indentation expectations differ between innerspring, foam, latex, and hybrids.

• Innerspring. They tend to sag after a couple of years. Continuous use of low-grade metal coils can rust and a loss of agility quickly.
• Foam. Sagging and slow response are caused by heat-trapping chemicals.
• Latex. Softens and keeps its bouncy for up to 10 years, and doesn't sag. Compared to Dunlop and synthetic latex, Talalay latex lasts longer.
• Hybrid. They're composed of both foam and coils. Hybrid mattresses can sag, but they last longer than regular foam mattresses. The coils almost prevent sagging by holding their tension until the foam softens significantly.

Both pillow tops and euro tops have indentations along the top layer. It is a completely normal response this way, and many people enjoy it.

Tips To Prevent Your New Mattress From Developing Indentations

Here are 6 tips to prevent indentations:

1. Ensure that your mattress is rotated regularly. Your mattress may sag if it's not rotated regularly. Rotate the bed 180 degrees for a fresh start.
2. Put a mattress topper. You can extend the life of your existing mattress, add contouring, and cool properties, and get better pressure relief.
3. Redistribute the filling by vacuuming your mattress: It will flatten lumps and fill in indentations. Suitable for mattresses with pillow tops and lumps.
4. Place pillows beneath your mattress. Indenations can be evened out and support added to a mattress with a significant bow by using a pillow trick.
5. Reinforce your mattress frame or foundation with plywood. A mattress frame or foundation supports your body weight and keeps your mattress off the ground. You may need to replace your foundation if your mattress is sagging. Place a sheet of plywood on top or adjust your slats.
6. Flip 2-sided mattresses every 6 months.

It is always better to buy a new mattress than fix the mattress indentation on the old one.

The Saatva Classic is our top pick for a sturdy and high-quality mattress that doesn't sag. Extremely comfortable and durable!

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#1 Rated: Saatva Classic

Saatva is our #1 best mattress for 2022! 50k+ 5-star reviews.

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