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How To Deodorize Mattress

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Maintaining a fresh mattress is very important for your health.

Following these 3 methods will help you deodorize your mattress:

Method #1 - Water and distilled vinegar:

1. Spray the mattress with equal parts water and distilled vinegar.
2. Let it air dry completely before putting it back on the bed base.

Metod #2 - Baking soda:

1. Spread baking soda over your mattress with a flour sifter.
2. Keep your windows open for air circulation.
3. Vacuum the mattress when it dries out.

Metod #3 - Essential oils and baking soda:

1. Mix baking soda with 15 to 20 drops of your favorite essential oils.
2. Sprinkle over your mattress.
3. Let it completely dry.
4. Vacuum the mattress.
5. Cover it with the bedding.

The process of cleaning and deodorizing a mattress can sometimes be difficult and impossible.

It's better to get a new high-quality mattress instead of wasting your time cleaning it.

We recommend the Saatva Classic as our #1 pick right now due to its affordability and comfort.

Additionally, to prolong the lifespan of your new mattress, get a mattress protector.

Other Steps To Prolong Mattress Freshness

Maintain the freshness of your mattress with a mattress protector.

Using a mattress protector will extend the life of your mattress and protect it from:

• Stains
• Sweat
• Dust mites
• Allergens

Beware, that a mattress cover is not impermeable or removable, and cannot provide the same level of protection as a mattress protector.

When spot-cleaning an old mattress, apply the following 4 steps:

• Mix equal parts of salt, baking soda, and distilled white vinegar
• Apply to the stain
• Let it sit for 30 minutes
• Use a damp microfiber cloth to remove the residue

Note: Mattress protectors are the best thing you can purchase after the spot cleaning

How To Get Dog Pee Smell Out Of A Mattress

The following 3 tips will help you get a dog pee smell out of a mattress:

• Hydrogen peroxide: Peroxide can bleach certain materials, so test it first before applying it to larger stains. Apply baking soda evenly to your mattress if it still smells of urine. Allow it to sit for 5-6 hours, then vacuum it up.
• Vinegar solution: Air-dry your mattress after cleaning it with a vinegar solution. Use baking soda to neutralize the vinegar smell and remove moisture.
• Mattress protector: Keep your mattress odor-free by using a high-quality mattress protector and washing your sheets and pillowcases regularly.

Keep in mind that any cleaning method is not a permanent fix is your mattress will never be the same.

Your best option is to get a new, high-quality mattress like Saatva Classic. An affordable mattress from a reputable brand. Built to last up to 10-15 years with proper care. Very comfortable.

Can I Leave Baking Soda On My Mattress?

The longer you leave baking soda on your mattress, the better it will clean it.

Aside from removing stains and odors, it also makes the mattress smell fresh and brightens its color.

Sprinkle the powder on top and let it sit for a few hours. Typically, it absorbs most odors within 30 minutes, but it works better if it is left on for longer.

Baking soda is a good temporary solution until you get your new mattress.

You should not wait too long to invest in a high-quality mattress like Saatva Classic.

Can't afford a new mattress right now? No problem. Saatva Classic offers a "buy now, pay later" program, so you can enjoy quality sleep even on a tight budget.

How Do You Clean A Mattress Without Baking Soda And Vinegar?

The following items will help you clean your mattress without using baking soda or vinegar:

• Upholstery and carpet sprays: Spray the stain and scrub it in with a washing-up brush.
• Lemon juice: Lemon juice is a natural stain remover and whitener as well as a disinfectant. A scouring paste of salt and lemon juice will help you remove stains.
• Mattress protector: Get a mattress protector if you don't have one already.

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#1 Rated: Saatva Classic

Saatva is our #1 best mattress for 2022! 50k+ 5-star reviews.

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