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How Thick Should A Mattress Be

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A mattress should be at least 8 inches thick (10 inches is ideally the lowest you go).

Anything shorter and you simply won't get enough quality layers (and materials) in your mattress.

We divide mattress thickness into 5 layers. low profile (2-5 inches), slim (5-8 inches), standard (8-12 inches), tall (12-16 inches), and extra tall (>16 inches).

Don't consider low profile or slim mattresses. They're too short and likely made of cheap or low quality materials.

Sleep position, body type, medical conditions and your overall bed height are some factors to consider when deciding your mattress height.

Make sure to factor in the positives and negatives of a thick mattress (which you can find below). Pros outweigh the cons for mattress heights over 10 inches (you gain a lot and don't sacrifice much if you pick a taller mattress).

Saatva Classic is our favorite mattress. Designed to meet everyone's needs. Very comfortable and built to last.

How Thin Is Too Thin For A Mattress?

Anything less than 10" is too thin for a premium mattress.

There isn't enough space to add appropriate number (and thickness) of each layer (support, transition and comfort layers).

Your ideal mattress height should be 10-15".

Mattress Thickness Chart

Based on their thickness, we organize mattresses into 5 distinct categories:

• Low-profile mattresses: 2 to 5 inches
• Slim mattresses: 5 to 8 inches
• Standard mattresses: 8 to 12 inches
• Thick, deep, or tall mattresses: 12 to 16 inches
• Extra thick, extra deep, or extra tall mattresses: More than 16 inches

What To Consider When Deciding On Mattress Thickness

Here are 6 things to consider when deciding on the thickness of a mattress:

• Sleeping Position
• Body Type
• Sleeping Alone or Sharing a Bed With a Partner
• Specific Medical Conditions
• Height of Your Bed Base

Get a sturdy mattress from a reputable brand (like Saatva Classic) that offers a great balance between cushioned firmness and contouring support.

Factors Determining Mattress Thickness

Here are 2 main factors that determine mattress thickness:

1. Comfort Layer - The plush top layer of the mattress. They're typically 2" x 3" thick to provide adequate cushion and support. Some beds include several comfort layers that improve plushness or feature special sleep technologies like targeted back support and cooling technology. The layers below are called transition layers.
2. Base Layer - This determines mattress durability. Generally, at least 50% of the mattress's thickness comprises the base layer.

Pros Of Thick Mattresses

The thickness of mattresses is not standardized, but high-quality mattresses generally measure 8 to 14 inches thick.

Thick mattresses offer the following 4 benefits:

• Luxurious comfort
• Restful sleep
• Excellent support
• Great durability

Note: Keep in mind that sleeping on an overly thin or thick mattress can interfere with your sleep and negatively affect your health. Your bed should be 25 inches off the ground.

Cons Of Thick Mattresses

Typically, thick mattresses are softer than thin mattresses, but they are also more expensive and heavier.

There are 3 cons associated with thick mattresses:

• If it's too thick, it can negatively affect your health and sleep
• Typically more expensive
• Heavier than thin mattresses

Note: When buying a mattress, make sure it is between 10 and 14 inches thick.

Air mattresses, crib mattresses, and fold-away beds are all examples of low-profile mattresses.

Mattresses with slim profiles are more comfortable for adults, and they are a good choice for those with limited mobility who want to avoid thick mattresses.

To get the most out of a mattress, we recommend investing in a high-quality mattress like the Saatva Classic. It's the best-selling mattress in the US (for a reason).

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#1 Rated: Saatva Classic

Saatva is our #1 best mattress for 2023! 50k+ 5-star reviews.

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