How Long Does It Take To Get Used To A New Mattress

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Adjusting to a new mattress is surprisingly difficult (sometimes).

New mattresses usually need a 2-4+ weeks to break in (rarely more than 30 days).

Getting a new mattress can lead to soreness in the first few days, which is normal. In some stores, comfort guarantees state that you must sleep on a mattress for at least two weeks before you can adjust to it.

You may also experience a chemical smell if your mattress has been in the box for a long time or if you're sensitive to odors. To eliminate VOCs from your home you can open your windows and use air purifiers.

How Many Days Or Weeks Is The Adjustment Period To My New Mattress?

New mattresses soften in about 2-3 weeks (30 days at most). However, it may vary based on the mattress materials.

• A natural latex mattress will break in the quickest, followed by an innerspring mattress.
• Memory foam has a dense structure, so it can take a long time to open up and stretchto its full capacity. Keep your room temperature a little warmer for a couple of weeks.

Note: Make sure your mattress gets plenty of air. Remove all covers and protectors to allow the foam to soak up as much oxygen as possible. This tip works best with natural materials such as latex.

How To Break In A New Innerspring, Memory Foam, Latex Or Hybrid Mattress?

There are a few steps you can take to ease the break-in process depending on your mattress type.

You can use these break-in methods for all mattress types:

• Allow your new mattress to breathe for a few hours to let oxygen penetrate the new materials, making them more flexible.
• Use the right mattress foundation. Using improper support can lead to discomfort, incorrect adjustment, and accelerated wear and tear.
• Put some light pressure on your mattress when not in use, or place a box on top or a piece of furniture to help break the materials in. New materials in the comfort layers of the mattress need to break in and lose some of their initial firmness.

You can break in your spring and hybrid mattresses by:

• Walking (don't crawl) around on top of them to loosen up the materials. It helps the foam conform to your body. Make sure to wear socks. The feel should be noticeably softer afterward.
• Repeating this every night (for 60-120 seconds) until foam has significantly 'eased'.

Your memory foam or latex mattress can be broken in by:

• Crawling (don't walk) on top of it. It will break in faster the more you lay on it.

If you still don't like your new mattress, either exchange it or return it. Since you're likely to have the same problems with an exchange, we recommend returning it.

What If My New Mattress Makes Me Sore?

You have several options if your mattress makes you sore:

• Give it 2-3 weeks (some soreness can be normal during the first few days of using your new mattress).
• Follow our instructions on how to expedite the break-in period.
• Try putting a pillow or folded towel under your abdomen (you may need to try several pillows before you find the right one).
• Buy a new mattress from a better brand if you still feel sore.
• Change your mattress type as well. You probably bought an incompatible type.

Almost everyone enjoys the luxurious feel of an innerspring hybrid. That's why our top-rated mattress (out of more than 300) is the Saatva Classic. This bed is unbelievably comfortable, fits every sleep style, and has a generous return policy (180-days).

Is Soreness Normal With A New Mattress?

It is normal to feel sore when you're adjusting to a new mattress.

• Incompatible or problematic mattress. You may have bought a bad-quality mattress, or it simply doesn't fit your individual body preferences.
• Break-in period. You may experience soreness even if you have a great mattress because it takes time for your body to adapt to a better one (from using a terrible mattress). This can take approximately 2-3 weeks. Give your mattress some time.

If the pain persists, return it immediately. The Saatva Classic is our favorite mattress. When searching for a replacement mattress, consider them first.

How Soon Can I Expect To Feel Comfortable Sleeping On A New Mattress?

It may take a few weeks to a month to feel comfortable sleeping on a new mattress, depending on factors such as the type of mattress, materials used, and individual preferences. During this time, it is normal to experience some discomfort or stiffness as your body adjusts to the new support and comfort level.

To speed up the break-in process, you can rotate your mattress regularly and avoid sleeping in the same spot every night. A high-quality mattress topper can also enhance comfort and support.

To ensure you are fully satisfied with your investment, it is recommended to take advantage of generous trial periods offered by many mattress brands and sleep on the mattress for an extended period of time. Remember to give your new mattress enough time to properly break in before making a final decision on its comfort level.

How To Break In A New Innerspring, Memory Foam, Latex Or Hybrid Mattress?