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There are more than 100 foam mattress manufacturers in America.

Most of them don't produce quality stuff.

Mattress brands often combine cheap foam and make mattresses in China, then sell them in the US at low margins.

Few are worth buying.

A good example of a high-quality foam mattress is the Loom and Leaf. Offers a great balance of cushioned firmness and contouring support.

The best alternative to an all-foam mattress is a hybrid innerspring (like the Saatva Classic) or a 100% latex mattress (like the Zenhaven).

#1 Foam Mattress Manufacturer In The Us

Foam mattress manufacturer Loom and Leaf is #1.

Their mattresses are extremely supportive and comfortable.

Try their 365-night sleep trial.

How Many Foam Mattress Brands Are There?

The market is flooded with foam mattress brands.

Due to Covid, many of those brands have gone out of business.

Mattress brands often combine cheap foams and make mattresses in China, then sell them in the US for low margins.

There are only a few established memory foam brands today.

Loom and Leaf by Saatva is made in the USA. Built to last and extremely comfortable.

Alternatives To An All-Foam Mattress

Here are 3 alternatives to an all-foam mattress:

• Innerspring: For a high-quality and incredibly comfortable innerspring, try the Saatva Classic.
• Latex: For an amazing latex mattress, try the Zenhaven. It's all-natural and built to last 20 years.
• Hybrid: For a great hybrid innerspring, check out the Saatva Classic.

How Many Foam Mattress Brands Are There?