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Fiberglass Mattress Lawsuit

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Some mattress brands contain fiberglass, a serious potential health hazard.

Due to this, several fiberglass mattress class action lawsuits have been filed.

Brands have received serious complaints and online backlash, including:

• Ashley
• Classic Brands
• Nectar
• Novilla
• Olee Sleep
• Purple
• Zinus

According to the LA Times, Zinus leaked fiberglass and contaminated a family. Professional cleanup services cost this family over $20k (among other losses).

Consumers who purchased fiberglass mattresses may qualify for a free class action lawsuit investigation.

In addition to injuries caused by glass shards from fire-retardant layers, many homeowners have had to pay high remediation costs to remove the fibers.

Most remediation companies do not have the equipment or experience to remove this substance from fabric-covered furniture, carpets, etc.

By far, the Saatva Classic is the most comfortable mattress without fiberglass. Made from high-quality materials and does not contain any harmful substances. Very comfortable and built to last.

#1 Mattress With No Fiberglass

Saatva Classic and their entire line of mattresses are your go-to reliable option if you want a mattress with no fiberglass (which you most certainly do).

Fiberglass is not used in their mattresses.

Natural flame barriers are included in all models.

Designed to last, Saatva Classic mattresses are luxurious, high-quality mattresses. Comfortable. Excellent pressure relief and support.

One of the most reputable brands in the industry.

Why Fiberglass Is So Dangerous

Plastic and glass are combined in fiberglass. Glass fiber or glass wool is a man-made fiber.

Fiberglass is a cheap flame retardant used by many mattress brands. As fiberglass is trimmed, chopped, cut, sanded, or sawed, dust is produced.

Fiberglass fibers can be extremely fine and irritating. Inhaling fiberglass particles can cause serious respiratory problems.

If the mattress cover becomes worn out or defective, tiny fibers can get everywhere.
Without professional assistance, they can be impossible to remove.

Fine particles can end up in your bedding, clothes, and flooring when fiberglass escapes from a mattress. Getting rid of them could be expensive.

Exposure to fiberglass can be harmful. Fibers can irritate eyes, noses, and throats. Itching, coughing, stomach pain, a sore throat, and red eyes are symptoms.

No evidence links fiberglass to cancer, however.

Some sites claim it is not a health hazard, but online reports indicate people experience health issues from exposure to it.

US Consumer Product Safety Commission says fiberglass is safe. Even if FG doesn't cause cancer, it's not worth risking your health.

Saatva Classic mattresses don't use fiberglass.

Is There A Class Action Fiberglass Mattress Lawsuit?

It's true. Due to the dangers fiberglass mattresses pose, consumers are increasingly suing.

Mattress companies are being sued for failing to warn about fiberglass.

Consumers may receive money back for cleanup and remediation after a class action lawsuit.

As part of the remediation process, you receive compensation for contaminated items. Furniture (including your mattress), clothes, and anything else that came into contact with fiberglass, as well as temporary housing.

These are some examples of consumer complaints about fiberglass-contaminated mattresses:

User 1: "I cannot tell you how disappointed I am. There is fiberglass everywhere and on all of my clothes. I threw out the mattress just now as soon as I found this info out. I hope I wasn't too late for any long term health effects for my husband, my babies and myself."

Reddit and other mattress forums are full of complaints:

User 1: "My husband and I had this mattress for 5 years. Yesterday we were changing sheets and noticed the mattress cover has zippers so we decided to remove it to wash it. After we took it off I realized my hands and clothes were covered in these shiny threads. Not only are these glass fibers everywhere and ruined thousands of dollars worth of our things but we were breathing them in the entire time
Overstock has offered to refund and replace the mattress, but we declined.
We don't want money from them, we just want it to cover the amount of things that were damaged. How do we approach this? Was told I should have never removed the cover... How am I supposed to know when the tag said to remove cover? 25k is more than the estimate I got to get to get my entire second floor remediated for asbestos tiles."

User 2: "My boyfriend is having headaches, pressure and pain behind his eyes and his whole body is breaking out in bumps. What does this have to do with mattresses? Well, I want to lay down and sleep all of this off but I CAN'T because the DAMNED MATTRESS is the problem.
What happened: The fiberglass casing came off, allowing the material to shed, which in turn, contaminated everything in the house including the bed, couches, and even the air.
Their only recourse was to cover everything with a fitted sheet, but this would have cost thousands of dollars and ruin everything. That's when I noticed how bad it is. It's all over the floor, my furniture, in my rug, etc. I called an environmental group and they quoted me at $500 to do at home testing. The online kit is around $50-$70. I'm praying that I don't have to try to come up with the money for professional testing but if it is this bad - It's going to be the only way to know how safe my home is. I'll be contacting more companies tomorrow for better rates but an environmental group, remediation group, air testing groups, etc. are a good place to start if you get to that point. Good luck with everything on your end!"

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#1 Rated: Saatva Classic

Saatva is our #1 best mattress for 2022! 50k+ 5-star reviews.

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