Euro King Mattress Size

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The dimensions of a European king-size bed are 160 cm wide by 200 cm long (62" wide and 78" long).

This makes the European king-size, a little wider than its US equivalent.

There are 7 primary factors to consider when determining the right mattress for you:

1. Comfort
2. Mattress type
3. Mattress size
4. Mattress thickness
5. Bed base
6. Warranty
7. Sleep trial

We recommend Saatva Classic as the best US king-size mattress available on the market.

Euro King Size Vs. Us King Size Mattress

Measurements and mattress standards are different in Europe than they are in the United States, so when we are talking about Euro King Size and US King Size Mattress, take notice at:

• Dimension: US king size is 80" x 76", while EU king size is 79" x 71".
• Firmness: There is no difference. Choose the ideal mattress firmness according to your own weight and individual preferences.
• Comfort: Depends on materials used (quality).

Note: For good comfort choose Saatva Classic. America's best-selling online luxury innerspring mattress. An affordable, high-quality mattress that is great for healthy spinal alignment and back support in any sleeping position.

How To Choose The Right Mattress

The wrong mattress can lead to sleepless nights. When you wake up in pain or have serious health issues, choosing the right mattress is critical. The best thing you can do is choose a mattress from a reputable brand (like the Saatva Classic). In addition, we present to you the most important factors you need to consider before buying a new mattress:

1. Comfort: The primary requirement of a mattress is that it should be comfortable for you. If it does not meet that need, then it is not suitable, no matter how cheap or expensive it is.

2. Mattress type: There are many different types of mattresses you can choose from:

• Memory foam: Best choice for side sleepers and those with joint pain (Loom & Leaf is our favorite pick).
• Latex: Superior comfort and durability (Zenhaven is our top choice for a sturdy and built-to-last latex mattress).
• Innerspring: Ideal for those who prefer a bouncy feel (Saatva Classic is a perfect example of an extremely comfortable innerspring mattress).
• Hybrid: Fantastic for sleepers who need good support and some cushioning (Saatva Classic is an excellent hybrid innerspring).

3. Mattress size: Sleeping alone or with a partner will influence the size of the mattress you need. If you sleep with a partner, you should visit the showroom together to test out different-sized mattresses.

4. Mattress thickness: Currently, thick mattresses are popular, but don't fall into the trap of thinking that thicker is automatically better. How the mattress feels is more important than how it looks, so ask to see a cutaway if one is available. A thick mattress is heavy, can make your bed too high, and is a big decorating flop. Instead, ask yourself how your body feels when you lie on the bed.

5. Bed base: Even the best mattress will sag if placed on a sagging bed base. The type of base you have will determine how your mattress feels and functions.

6. Warranty: Make sure your warranty has at least a 15-year period with no unreasonable limitations or fees (Saatva Classic mattresses come with a lifetime warranty plus free shipping).

7. Sleep trial: Look for mattresses that offer a risk-free trial period (Saatva Classic offers a 365-day risk-free sleep trial).

#1 King Size Mattress

Making the right choice when it comes to mattresses is important. An uncomfortable mattress can lead to sleepless nights, pain in the mornings, as well as serious health problems.

Choosing a mattress from a reputable brand is the best thing you can do.

Our recommendation as the #1 King size mattress is the Saatva Classic, America's best-selling online luxury innerspring, offering:

• Durable construction
• Affordability
• Excellent quality
• Proper spinal alignment and back support during sleep
• Joint and back pain relief

How Do I Track My Purple Mattress Delivery Status?

To track your Purple mattress delivery status, follow these steps:

First, check your email for a tracking number from Purple. They will send you an email once your mattress has shipped.

Next, use the tracking number to visit the delivery carrier's website, such as UPS, FedEx, or USPS, to check the status of your delivery.

If you need help or haven't received any emails, contact Purple customer service for assistance.

Remember that delivery times may vary depending on your location. But tracking your mattress can give you peace of mind and help you plan for its arrival.

If you're still looking for a mattress, consider other brands and options as well. While Purple is popular, there are many other high-quality mattresses to choose from that may better suit your needs and preferences.

How Do I Find The Perfect Bedding For My Euro King Mattress?

Finding the best bedding for your Euro King mattress can be overwhelming. But, measuring your mattress before buying bedding is essential. Also, keep in mind the material and thread count of your sheets. Higher thread counts mean softer sheets but come with a higher price. Think about personal preferences, such as lightweight or heavy bedding.

When choosing blankets and comforters, consider the weight and warmth of the bedding. If you feel hot at night, a lighter option might be better. Don't forget about pillows. Euro King pillows are larger than standard pillows, so make sure to buy the right size pillowcases and shams.

Ultimately, finding the perfect bedding for your Euro King mattress is subjective. Keep your budget, sleeping habits, and comfort in mind. With these guidelines, you'll be able to find the ideal bedding for a good night's sleep.

How To Choose The Right Mattress