Clean A Mattress With Vinegar

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You can use vinegar to clean your mattress if it has light stains.

Spritzing vinegar on mattress stains and letting it sit for a while may help kill bacteria and eliminate odors.

Peroxide or other strong chemicals are needed for heavier stains.

In most cases, difficult stains like urine or blood cannot be removed.

It's probably better to buy a brand-new mattress if you cannot remove a stain (or odor) with vinegar or other chemicals.

The Saatva Classic is the finest replacement mattress you can buy. It's America's best-selling online luxury innerspring for a reason. Incredibly durable and comfortable!

Tips For Cleaning Your Mattress With Vinegar

Here are 5 simple steps for cleaning a mattress with vinegar:

1. Fill a spray bottle with pure white vinegar and close it.
2. Spritz any stains, especially urine stains, with vinegar until the mattress is saturated. It helps kill bacteria and pull out the odor.
3. Add baking soda: Put a heavy coat of it on the mattress stain and let it sit. It will absorb all the excess moisture from the mattress
4. Vacuum your mattress entirely.
5. Let it air out. After freshening up your mattress, let it sit for 8-10 hours to dry.

Keep in mind that while vinegar is useful for cleaning mattresses, it cannot do everything.

Using vinegar to clean is a temporary solution.

Buying a new, high-quality mattress like the Saatva Classic is the best option you have.

#1 Replacement Mattress If You Have An Uncleanable Stain

There is no point in cleaning your mattress. It will never be the same. You will waste your time and money.

It is wise to invest in a long-lasting mattress like the Saatva Classic, which is made from high-quality materials. Exceptionally comfortable and durable. Provides excellent pressure relief and support. Priced affordably.

Saatva offers the "buy now, pay later" program (through Affirm), which is great for those who can't afford a new mattress with cash right now.

#1 Replacement Mattress If You Have An Uncleanable Stain