Can You Sell A Used Mattress

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You can sell a used mattress, but it is not a good idea.

Donate your used mattress to a charity shop like the Salvation Army (among others) if your mattress is still in good condition.

Your mattress may have bedbugs or irreversible damage. In that case, it's better to recycle or dispose of it completely.

Invest your time and energy in finding the best mattress for you instead of trying to sell it.

We strongly recommend looking at the Saatva Classic if you haven't already purchased a new mattress.

It is the #1 best-selling mattress in America for a reason. Extremely sturdy and comfortable!

Saatva Classic offers a "buy now, pay later" program, so you can enjoy quality sleep even on a tight budget.

Why Selling Your Used Mattress Is A Bad Idea

There are 2 main reasons why you shouldn't sell your used mattress:

1. It might have bedbugs or other critters. Don't pass that off to someone else.
2. There is likely irreparable internal damage.

Where Can I Sell A Used Mattress?

You shouldn't sell your used mattress.

There's a good chance you'll make nothing and waste a lot of time trying to sell it.

Dispose of it or donate it to less fortunate individuals who really need it.

Where Can I Donate My Used Mattress?

You can dispose of or donate your used mattress (depending on your state laws) in the following locations:

• The Salvation Army
• Habitat for Humanity
• Nazareth Housing
• GreenDrop
• Hour Children
• Vintage Thrift

Alternatively, you can also donate it to a homeless shelter or animal shelter.

You can also try a recycling center. See Renewable Recycling Inc. This is a popular recycling company in New York that can pick up your mattress. You can also search Earth911 for other recycling centers in your area.

Note: Make sure your mattress is still in good condition before donating it. Additionally, you should check the laws in your state and local area regarding mattress disposal.

Consider Saatva Classic if you want to get the most out of your new mattress. An affordable, high-quality mattress that is built to last.

Where Can I Sell A Used Mattress?