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Bed Bug Shells

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Shell casings are yellowish-brown exoskeletons of juvenile bed bugs.

Typically, they can be found in mattress seams, upholstered furniture, or in holes and cracks.

If you find dead beg bug casings in your house, try integrated pest management (IPM) or clean your house and remove the furniture. However, keep in mind that it is nearly impossible to completely eradicate them.

The best solution is to replace your existing mattress as soon as possible. Invest in a reputable mattress with incredible airflow like the Saatva Classic. It is extremely comfortable and is specially designed to detract bed bugs.

Put your old infested mattress in a clear plastic bag and dispose of it.

Protect your new mattress with a zippered waterproof cover.

#1 Solution If I Find Bed Bug Shells And Casings?

The best solution if you find bed bug casings and shells is to clean your house and get rid of your infested mattress right away.

Invest in a high-quality and reputable mattress like the Saatva Classic. Provides amazing airflow which helps keep bed bugs away.

The Saatva Classic is an incredibly comfortable and sturdy mattress with extremely friendly policies. They come with a lifetime warranty and a generous 365-night sleep trial.

Saatva offera a "buy now, pay later" program (through Affirm), which is great for those who can't afford to buy a new mattress right now.

What Do Bed Bug Shell Casings Look Like?

Bed bug shell casings are translucent, yellowish-brown exoskeletons of juvenile bed bugs.

In many cases, they're easier to find than the bugs themselves. You can find them anywhere bed bugs breed.

Here are 3 main places you should check:

• Mattress seams
• Upholstered furniture
• In holes, cracks, and crevices within wooden furniture

There are 2 types of skeletons on bed bugs: external and encasing. Exoskeletons are shed periodically by insects as they mature and outgrow them.

How To Find Bed Bug Shells On My Mattress

There are 4 main areas where bed bugs harbor:

• Bedding: Sheets, pillowcases, mattress seams, headboards, bed frames, and box springs.
• Near the bed: Nightstands, dressers, rugs, and storage boxes.
• Furniture such as couches and cushions, bookshelves, tables, desks, chairs, and rugs.
• Wallings: Wallpaper, baseboards, windows, doors, curtains, posters, electrical outlets, and smoke detectors.

It is notoriously difficult to eradicate bed bugs in densely populated areas like New York City. Although bed bugs are sneaky, they can be detected early by homeowners or apartment tenants.

Are These Shells From Dead Bed Bug?

Yes. Dead bed bugs leave shells behind. It is likely that bed bugs are still present.

This is why you should replace your infested mattress as soon as possible with a new high-quality one (like the Saatva Classic).

When you first look at bed bug shells and casings, you may think they are live bugs, but they are not.

Adult bed bugs are usually between � in (5 mm) and 3/8 in (9 mm) long and look like wood ticks when they are full.

They are wingless, blood-sucking insects that turn red-brown when hungry, and turn purple-red when full.

Since bed bugs are an insect, they have a skeleton on the outside of their body, and like all insects, a bed bug must shed its skin to grow.

Do Bed Bugs Shed Skin?

Yes. Shedding involves casings and shells.

Bed bugs shed their "skin" during the molting process since all insects (like bed bugs) have their skeleton on the outside of their bodies (exoskeleton). Each bed bug molts (sheds) 5 times before it becomes an adult.

Bed bugs no longer grow or shed their skin after adulthood. Bed bugs leave behind thousands of molted skins when they infest a large area. New infestations, like those in hotels, may be difficult to detect.

Bed bugs' molted skins are very similar to their original skins. Generally translucent, they are the same shape. The size of the molt depends on the bed bug's life stage.

Molted skins can be found almost anywhere in small infestations. A large infestation is typically found where bed bugs gather in large groups.

Why Do I Have Bed Bugs In My Home? How Can I Get Rid Of Them?

After WWII, the widespread distribution of DDT reduced the number of bedbugs and was no longer a problem for most homeowners.

Due to its adverse environmental effects, the EPA canceled DDT in 1972. Since then, bed bugs have been on the rise.

Both domestic and international travel has contributed significantly to the rise in bed bug populations. The hotel and lodging industries have been particularly affected by this.

Bed bugs are often transported in clothing and luggage. In many cases, they are brought directly to the rooms they would have sought on their own.

Integrated pest management (IPM) usually helps to control bed bugs in your home. It combines the least hazardous techniques for your health and the environment.

Alternatively, you can try this strategy:

1. Make sure your bedroom is clean and clutter-free.
2. Put your bed away from walls or furniture.
3. Maintain a daily cleaning schedule for molding, windows, and floors.
4. Wash and dry sheets, pillowcases, blankets, and bed skirts in a hot dryer for at least 30 minutes.
5. Seal cracks and crevices where pipes and wires enter the home.
6. Replace your mattress with a high-quality mattress with incredible airflow (like the Saatva Classic).

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#1 Rated: Saatva Classic

Saatva is our #1 best mattress for 2022! 50k+ 5-star reviews.

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