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8 Inch Mattress Vs 10 Inch

Best 10’s Verdict

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#1 Rated: Saatva Classic

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The 8-inch and 10-inch mattresses are both standard heights.

This is the most popular bed size due to its mid-price point. They're not too expensive, but not too cheap either, so your sleep is not compromised. They are in the same height category, but there are some differences to consider.

In general, 10-inch mattresses provide more premium and comforting layers than 8-inch mattresses. Moreover, a shorter mattress offers less support at the bottom, so a 10-inch mattress would be a better choice for durability.

You should consider getting an 8-inch mattress if you prefer to sleep on your back or stomach, or a 10-inch mattress if you prefer to sleep on your side. It is easier to get in and out of bed with an 8-inch mattress if you suffer from back pain, arthritis, or joint pain.

Saatva Classic mattresses belong to the standard-height category. The top-selling innerspring mattress online. Provides superior support and pressure relief.

8 Inch Mattress Pros And Cons

There are 4 primary advantages to buying an 8-inch mattress:

• It is ideal for both back and stomach sleepers.
• Suitable for people weighing 250 to 400 pounds.
• It is less expensive since it features thinner layers.
• Great for people who have trouble getting in and out of bed.

An 8-inch mattress has the following 5 disadvantages:

• Less cushioning.
• Is not suitable for side sleepers or combination sleepers.
• This isn't the best choice for two adults.
• Does not seem to fit well with shorter bed bases.
• Not ideal for overweight people.

10 Inch Mattress Pros And Cons

Buying a 10-inch mattress has the following 4 advantages:

• Offers more cushioning
• Ideal for all types of sleepers.
• Perfect for people who weigh between 250-400 pounds.
• Best for couples and people with kids.

10-inch mattresses have 4 disadvantages:

• The mattress may feel too elevated for lighter sleepers.
• It might not work for people who have difficulty getting into and out of bed.
• Generally more expensive.
• Heavier since it features more layers.

Who Is An 8 Inch Mattress Best For?

An 8-inch mattress is likely too short for most people. Whether you're light or heavy, it likely won't provide enough support. The mattress itself is also not tall, so there isn't much opportunity to add dense, high quality components (because it's so short).

Who Is An 10 Inch Mattress Best For?

A 10-inch mattress is the best choice for:

• Side sleepers
• Heavy sleepers
• Couples
• Combination sleepers

Note: Those who have lung problems may benefit from sleeping on their stomachs, and a 10-inch mattress is a good choice for such a matter.

What Mattress Height Is Best For Me?

We have divided mattress heights into 5 categories:

• Low Profile (2-5 inches): These can be found in a variety of configurations including blow-up air beds and space-saving folding floor mattresses. This type of bed is ideal for fitting into a spacious, modern bedroom, or simply for people who prefer a bed closer to the ground.
• Thin (5-8 inches): The slimmest conventional mattresses tend to be made of foam, as it's the densest material. These are budget-priced mattresses, and they often recall the nightmares of guest beds or campsites.
• Standard (8-12 inches): This is one of the most popular sizes/heights of beds because they tend to fall within a mid-price range. Due to lower shipping costs for the seller, the prices are also driven lower for the consumer, since this is a common height that can easily be packaged and vacuum-rolled for shipping.
• Tall (12-16 inches): These are generally the best quality products and are widely available online and in showrooms.
• Extra Tall (16-20 inches): They are a legacy of a time when technological advancements, materials, and construction methods were less sophisticated. The proportions of the bed bases and traditional bedroom furniture work well together in a country retreat setting.

We recommend the Saatva Classic. Standard-height mattress. The #1 mattress available on the market. Designed to meet everyone's needs. Extremely comfortable and built to last.

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#1 Rated: Saatva Classic

Saatva is our #1 best mattress for 2023! 50k+ 5-star reviews.

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