1863 Inn Of Gettysburg Bed Bugs

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A recent study showed that bed bug infestations in hotels have increased by 5% over the past year. However, it's not just hotels that are affected by these pesky insects. Residential homes and other lodging establishments, like the 1863 Inn of Gettysburg, can also harbor bed bugs.

If you suspect that your mattress is infested with bed bugs, taking immediate action is crucial. Contacting a professional pest control company or purchasing a new mattress may be necessary.

When searching for a new mattress, look for one made from materials that repel bed bugs and other pests, such as latex foam.

Preventative measures can also be taken to avoid future infestations. Regularly washing linens and clothing in hot water and vacuuming frequently are effective methods.

It's important to note that while reports of past issues with bed bugs at the 1863 Inn of Gettysburg exist, it doesn't necessarily mean all rooms are currently affected. If you choose to stay there, inspect your room upon arrival and notify staff immediately if any signs of an infestation are present.

Ultimately, whether you replace your current mattress or take preventative measures will depend on your individual situation. Stay informed about these common pests and take proactive steps towards prevention and treatment when necessary to ensure a comfortable night's sleep free from unwanted guests.