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10 Inch Vs 12 Inch Mattress

Best 10’s Verdict

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10 and 12-inch mattresses differ primarily in height but there are other minor considerations.

A 12-inch mattress typically has the potential to provide more comfort (because there's a thicker comfort layer) vs. a 10-inch mattress.

The benefits of 10-inch mattresses include their lighter weight and ease of movement. However, 12-inch mattresses usually last longer.

Individuals who sleep alone benefit from thinner mattresses.

Larger heights feel plusher. If you want more softness, get a thicker mattress.

Saatva Classic provides exceptional support and comfort. In 11.5" and 14.5" heights.

If you're looking for a 10" mattress, check out Loom and Leaf or Zenhaven!

10 Inch Mattress Pros And Cons

Here are 5 pros of 10-inch mattresses:

• Provides better cushioning
• Suitable for all types of sleepers
• Ideal for people weighing 250-400 pounds
• Works best with thin bed bases
• Perfect for couples and families

Here are 5 cons of 10-inch mattresses:

• Too elevated for lighter sleepers
• Perhaps satisfactory for people who have trouble getting in and out
• It may feel too elevated on thicker bases
• Higher price
• Heavier due to more layers

12 Inch Mattress Pros And Cons

3 main advantages of 12-inch mattresses:

• Budget-friendly
• Fantastic for side and heavier sleepers
• Durable and sturdy

There are no significant cons worth mentioning.

Who Is A 10 Inch Mattress Best For?

These people should consider 10-inch mattresses:

• Stomach sleepers: As they place a lot of pressure on their spines, they'll need a firmer, thicker mattress type.
• People with disabilities or mobility difficulties.
• Combination sleepers: By providing a firm 10-inch sleeping surface, it helps prevent spinal misalignment.
• Back sleepers: They need a mattress of 10-12 inches for better sleep.
• People who weigh over 230 lbs: Their hips will sag if they have a softer surface, resulting in a misaligned spine.
• People who need more support.
• People who may co-sleep with small children.

Who Is A 12 Inch Mattress Best For?

The 12-inch mattress is a great compromise between comfort and luxury.

They're best for:

• Heavier sleepers
• Side sleepers
• People with bigger body structures
• People who sleep alone or share their bed with a partner
• People who need more comfort

What Mattress Height Is Best For Me?

There are 5 types of mattress height.

These are the main characteristics of mattress heights to help you choose:

• Low Profile (2-5"): They can be found in many constructions, including blow-up air beds and space-saving folding floor mattresses. Ideal for a large, modern bedroom or simply for people who prefer a floor-level bed.
• Thin (5-8"): As foam is the densest material, conventional mattresses are the thinnest. Most budget mattresses are foam, and some will evoke bad memories of guest beds or camping.
• Standard (8-12"): A popular size/height because they tend to be affordable. This height is also convenient for shipping boxed and vacuum-rolled, which reduces postage costs for the seller. The Saatva Classic is the perfect example of a high-quality mattress that is available in 11.5" and 14.5" heights.
• Tall (12-16"): They tend to be the most popular online and in showrooms.
Many of the mattress reviews featured on this website are between 12 - 16 inches thick and are made of different materials.
• Extra Tall (16-20"): The construction is a legacy of a time when technology was less advanced. Fit in well with traditional, imposing bedroom furniture and substantial bed bases in a country retreat.

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#1 Rated: Saatva Classic

Saatva is our #1 best mattress for 2022! 50k+ 5-star reviews.

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